Wednesday, April 16, 2008

edged out and showing up

Long ago, I reported seeing some kind of jackal tearing through the streets of Chicago.

A little less long ago, there was a coyote who parked himself in a cooler of a Quizno's in the Loop (downtown).

And now it seems a cougar has wandered into the city from maybe as far as The Badlands.

Perhaps this is a sign that people should stop putting concrete on every parcel of land not covered in water?


donna said...

I agree! I hate to hear stories about animals like this who get killed. We've taken over their habitat and expect them to move where, exactly? The Wild Kingdom Projects?

Guyana-Gyal said...

Hear, hear, I think over-use of concrete is one of the worst things we've done to ourselves, we don't know when and where to stop now.

The Badlands...Bruce Springsteen sang about The Badlands, it sounds like a sad, really sad place.

Anonymous said...

Out here in LA there are a number of towns backed up against the foothills, so coyotes and such like are fairly common.

But the best story, however, is the time some guy is eating breakfast, looks out the window and there is this mountain lion crouching in the side garden and staring intently across the street at the neighbor's front yard.

So the guy is worried, thinking that maybe the lion is stalking some little kid, and he goes to the front window to take a look.

Turns out the lion was hunting... a ceramic deer.

Teej said...

The poor mountain lion. Sigh.

omar said...

I'm a little bit surprised the news didn't have any problem showing its dead body lying there.

SupaCoo said...

We had a fox in our yard once, but that was about as wild as I've seen. And I live in Colorado, where you'd EXPECT it!

Madelyn said...

I believe Joni Mitchell said it best when she sang a little song called "Big Yellow taxi", this song has also been redone by the Counting Crows.

However, I am a little concerned about where they would put the next Starbucks if we stopped industrializing every square inch of this planet. I mean, people might have to walk a whole block instead of just half of one to get their daily brew! We might as well start living in caves again. ( I hope you picked up on the sarcasm)