Tuesday, April 22, 2008

let them do the walking

Hey peeps, I know there are a bazillion great causes out there, but two people I know (one of whom is the illustrious highcontrast) are putting on their walking shoes to raise a little cash for charity.

The first is someone I worked with years ago, right around her son's birth. Jackson is a great kid who's making a lot of progress. His parents* have participated in Walk Now For Autism for several years, and Team Action Jackson always has cool t-shirts.

Highcon** is walking in New York to help fight AIDS. This epidemic isn't going away, and many people are still getting infected every day.

And just because it has helped my brother so tremendously in his life—from making him confident and aware that he's not suffering alone, to offering him a whole network of people his age who understand the crap he's been through that goes way beyond the "camp" experience—I include a link to Camp Bon Coeur, a camp for kids with cardiac issues.

* Jackson's mom has an essay published in the local paper.
** Some of you may have noticed that I didn't include a link to highcon's donation site. If you'd like to contribute to his AIDS walk, please e-mail me at cadiztwelve[at]gmail[dot]com.


Noelle said...

I was just trying to get my ex to sign up to do a fun run, but he wouldn't do it if it wasn't for a cause.

Guyana-Gyal said...

What troubles me about people here is that they know about HIV /AIDS, yet so many behave as if they're so...what's the word...ignorant...? As if they don't know anything. Superstitions, old wives tales win.

Anonymous said...

Camp Bon Coeur? I'm sure it is a fine place but they really missed a chance for a great name. Instead of Camp Good Heart - with that wimpy French name - shoulda been Camp Brave Heart.

Oh well.

cadiz12 said...

noelle: aren't there tons of walks for charity out there these days now that the weather is getting better?

gg: ignorance knows no bounds. at the risk of wanting to kick somebody, i'll say that i read a story about places in the world where rumors say the cure for hiv/aids is to deflower a very young girl... all the more reason for MORE awareness and research.

anon: i heartily agree. (sorry, couldn't resist.) but that camp really did work wonders for my bro.

Syar said...

I donated blood today. Can I be included in this awesome group of people/organizations that do good? If only for a day?


Team Action Jackson is the coolest team name ever.

Beenzzz said...

This is definitely the time of the year for walks and runs. I will check out the AIDS walk site. I might be walking this Saturday for a cause.