Friday, April 18, 2008

another seven years of bad luck? no thanks.

Every potential hole in the wall warrants a discussion about whether the safety/necessity of said hole is worth pissing off potential buyers or having to patch them later. 

In our redecorating we got a small table for the front hall, on which I put a fairly large and heavy mirror. I was content to leave it leaning on the table, but H was uneasy that someone might catch a table leg and the mirror would crash and break into shards. I told him not to be so uptight—it's not like Illinois is known for its earthquakes, and tornadoes rarely hit downtown—but I relented. He attached those safety straps people put on furniture so kids don't pull it down on top of themselves. 

It was a good thing he did it, too, because apparently there was an earthquake in the Chicago area at 4 am this morning. I don't believe there was too much damage or any injuries, but my boss woke up and blamed his wife for shaking the bed. And people even felt it in the dungeon.

I sort of remember waking up in the middle of the night, but I doubt it was because I felt the tremor. When my family and I visited my  mom's godmother in California in 1987, there was a 6-point-some earthquake while I slept in a bed on wheels. The next morning I woke up clear across the room, having been tossed around quite a bit without noticing a thing. 

Thank God H went with his instincts and protected that mirror, because these last few years I've had just about all the bad luck I can handle.


Anonymous said...

It seems that H has cat-like instincts when it comes to forseeing natural disasters. I say you join the carnival, and make some money off this. Doesn't H need a job anyway?

Syar said...

Dang, Anon said it all.

You should totally use that averted bad luck (does that automatically transform into good, or semi-ok luck?) and hit the circus trail.

SupaCoo said...

How very prophetic of him. Watch out Miss Cleo, H is in the house!

weebug said...

Whew, glad you staved off that one!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Remember that post you wrote a while back, you say something and it happens? Well, this happened in a sort of a roundabout way, didn't it? You mentioned the quake and it heard you.

You and H would make quite a psychic team.

cadiz12 said...

you're right GG! i blame the spotted tongue.