Saturday, November 12, 2016

five years, two months

Jon and I spent our five-year anniversary (September 17) working a mandatory two-day weekend (I think it was something like my 11th or 16th day in a row). Hey, at least we were together. That's what counts, right?

We weren't too down about it. We had originally toyed with the idea of taking some kind of trip. Instead we decided to take a chance on a lottery for Hamilton tickets when they went on sale for its Chicago run. We were disappointed. But then my dear husband tried one last time, and got them.

We like live theater. This show lives up to the hype. For me, it surpassed the hype (which hardly happens).

Also? The fact that the majority of lead characters are played by people of color was both refreshing and reassuring to me, after this stressful week.

Our seats were amazing--just far enough away we didn't get hit with any spit (live performances are so passionate!). 

After the show, we checked out the new ping-pong place where my good friend from college is in management. Great food and fun! Jon is considerably better at table tennis than I am. He was captain of his high school tennis team, too. But he graciously played me for our time. Later he said it was a better game for me (more exercise) because he made me go pick up the ball more than he had to. I halfheartedly insisted I was winning.

After eleven years together, we've learned that the key to harmony is not keeping score.

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