Thursday, November 10, 2016

this is my

I can barely function at work. I am paralyzed with fear. Last night when I finally fell asleep,  I dreamed that the government threw Jon in jail for having married me and put Ro and I on a plane to India, where we were dumped on a beach and made to walk for days until we got to a town.

I don't feel safe anymore. I was pumping gas and another car pulled up behind mine, waiting for me to finish. Why did she pull up behind me, instead of the other four cars there? Was she going to hit me with her car? Was she going to yell racial epithets if I took a second too long removing the nozzle and tightening my cap? Do I even wait for the receipt? Does she have a gun in her car, and if I yell back, would she shoot me?

Nothing happened, but I have never pumped gas so quickly in my life.

The following incident happened this afternoon in the town where I was born and raised. Though far-fetched, my fears are coming from a very real place.

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