Thursday, November 03, 2016

the more things change...

I wrote this post in February 2014.

In it, I talk about how overworked I am, how stretched thin our job team is and how I needed a mental health day--it was the first I'd taken in my entire life. I also mention constantly having to work late and weekends and listed way too many goals for that day off.

Funny, I had to take another one of those days recently, and every single thing I just said is still true. Except now I have a toddler, which means that February 2014 me (who was likely puking multiple times a day with morning sickness) HAD NO IDEA how much crazier life was about to get, and stay.

Which probably means June 2017 me is going to look back at this post and want to slap me in the face for whining.

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cadiz12 said...

yes, because in June 2017, you were puking, had bad sciatica and your pelvis started separating again because of your fourth pregnancy.