Friday, November 25, 2005

the problem with parking vol. 9 -- DELUXE

the best part about working on Thanksgiving was being able to park in the company lot, as no bigwigs decided to clock in. so today -- the day after Turkey Day, also known as the biggest shopping day of the year -- i was thinking the same would apply, i mean, what person with any kind of corporate power was going to show up?

the usual policy is this: the suits get to park in the lot, and then after five the underlings can move our cars in from meters on the street in a single-file, around-the-block line, taking spots as they become available and hoping to still make it back for the late meeting.

i had hoped, while running late as usual, that they'd let us park in the lot again today. and when i got there, it looked good; at most the lot was about a sixth full (the emptiest i'd seen in ages). i rolled up and put my keycard to the sensor. a voice crackled over the speaker:

'you can't park here.'

'what? why?'

'you can't park till three.'

'are you serious? but the lot is EMPTY!'

(a man with three little kids walks up to a car in the lot, carrying a bunch of shopping bags. and unless we've changed the hiring policy, i'm pretty sure they weren't there to work). they drive off as my pleading continues.)

'so wait, you're telling me you're not letting me in?'


'REALLY? even though it's EMPTY?! please?... c'mon, man. it's two TEN.'

'i know, i have a clock right here. come. back. AT. THREE.'

'you have GOT to be kidding me.'

i backed the car out of the entrance ramp, cussing like a sailor. somehow i managed to find a spot on a street a few blocks away, especially surprising because our office is very close to an extremely busy retail thoroughfare and everyone was out and about. maybe all the mad shoppers who had been up for 5 a.m. sales got pooped and went home.

i crossed through the deserted parking lot to get to the office, fuming at the vast array of potential spots that i had been denied. i stomped up the stairs and into the office. it's freaking bad enough to have to play the parking game every other day, but today? an unofficial holiday? WHEN THE F-ING LOT IS EMPTY?? oh, the injustice.

a few coworkers agreed. one even told me with bitterness in his voice that as he was rejected from the lot, he saw a whole family get out of a car with their ice skates. here we are, WORKING, and these people are out for a wintery jaunt. and just in case they felt like using their reserved spot, we're forced to look into a perfectly good parking area we can't have, like a piece of cheesecake in a locked revolving case.

but worst by far, was what happened to a key figure in our operation. this guy was pretty much in charge of the show today, and he came in at 2:40, only to be rejected by the same joker on a power trip in the security booth. he was forced into street parking as well. For god's sake, THE LOT WAS STILL EMPTY!

so all of us, grumbling, resigned ourselves to the fact that they weren't letting us in. thinking about it further, i can see why they have to be so strict; if not, every tom dick and harry from the company would come, park and enjoy the city, locking all of us out all day and night. but there's no need to be such a freaking SMARTASS about it, mr. i-have-a-clock-right-here. jackass.

security is getting an e-mail about this.

what's worse is that later, when i went to move my car from the meter to the lot at 3:30, i SAW that little skating family. and they were DAMN ANNOYING. the really did have their freaking skates slung over their shoulders. and on top of that, all four of them had matching annoying little oldschoolpajamatype sleeping hats -- you know, the ones that have the long tail that ends in a poufy pom pom? -- WITH STRIPES. it was like a freaking Gap commercial right there in the parking lot! I'll bet they had a gd thermos full of spiked eggnog in the front seat console of their stupidass LandRover and were going over the river and through the woods to their damn grandmother's house for dinner. and what was i going to be doing? chomping on gum for the next few hours because i forgot to bring my lunch and didn't want to go BACK OUT again in the cold. grrr.

and there isn't one damn thing i can do about it.

THAT, my friends, is the problem with parking.


omar said...

While your pain is not lost on me, I can't get past how you said the lot was "about a sixth full..." Who gauges parking lot fullness in sixths? I've never heard anyone go smaller than quarters. Anything less is just "less than a quarter full."

lucasjackson7 said...

Open quote "here we are, WORKING, and these people are out for a wintery jaunt" Close quote.

That was worth the read to have that lone sentence.

Although, I thought it would be funny if you pulled up to the parking lot and the guy told you couldn't park there and then you threw handfuls of benjamins out the driver-side window as you drove into the lot. ultimately criss-crossing the lot blaring loud hip hop music with your entourage half-hanging out the car singing your chorus, "the problem with parking".

now that would've been cool.

cadiz12 said...

well, omar, i strive to provide my readers with the most accurate bitching i can manage. there are about six rows of spots, give or take the ones along the side, but those are reserved for superdupervips anyway. i estimated the cars present would have only filled one.

lucasj, if i had enough benjamins to toss about, let alone an ENTOURAGE, like hell i'd be scrambling so much to get into work. i'd be leisurely and faithfully pursuing a career in backup singing. but had gotten in, and did i have such a crew, i would absolutely try to pull a stunt like that. and hope they'd get it all on camera -- especially the tricked out hydraulics on my little car.

Ale said...

ohhoho, angry cadiz is funnny-
its like looking in a mirror.

*~mad munky~* said...

hehe ;o)

Guyana-Gyal said...

I'm reading this and thinking, how can she get back at the joker on a power trip in the security booth, how can she?

Paste that chewed gum in his hair. He's probably bald though, and his brain was frozen that day.

Buy a bicycle. Parking woes over. Whole new set of woes.

Modern Viking said...

What you need is a new reputation. Start walking around with a giant sledgehammer-- and use it at random on unsuspecting inanimate objects. You will never be denied again.

On another note- I was at a hockey game last night. Sometime during the second period they were playing Dangerous on the Dancefloor. I thought of you.

Andy said...

Ah, the power wielded by the boom-gate-arm-thingy-bloke.

The car park is his kingdom, and he approves all immigrants.

Damn power-drunk assholes.

DCveR said...

That security guy showed you! He rules the gate! He has power! Sure enough he earns some misery wages, sure enough he either lives alone or with some sad wife who belittles him on account of being a complete failure as a human being, sure enough he has very few things to live for... but for a split second he had the power!!!

A sad little idiot on a sad security booth...

Lia said...

Parking is one of the reasons I don't drive. Of course, I get to deal with the NYC subway every day, which provides its own joys.

Sorry about no lunch, but couldn't you order in? Then they have to go out in the cold, and you still get to eat.