Wednesday, November 09, 2005

thick skin of my teeth

i relished my days off. slept in late. dawdled about getting ready. watched a lot of tv. it really was a lazy long weekend. but i didn't want it to count for nothing.

so i had planned for a lovely evening out. we were supposed to have dinner, catch a comedy show at Second City and make it to my friend's birthday party. reservations were at five p.m.

at four p.m., i was still lying in bed, yelling at julia roberts' character in 'my best friend's wedding' for being such a meddling, selfish beeyatch. (i hated her in that movie. the actress, the character, what she did, everything. if only i hadn't despised cameron diaz so much, i'd have REALLY hated old jules. ironically, i really like the movie itself -- mostly because she didn't get the man. that and rupert everett singing.) so when the restaurant called to confirm the reservations, i paused to panic and pretend i thought they were for five-thirty, which worked.

if you thought that stroke of luck would be enough to light a fire under my ass to get up and get ready, think again. i lazed around until after julia dedicated the sculpture-licker rendition of 'the way you look tonight' to the happy couple before getting it together.

we sat in monster saturday night traffic to the city, looked for parking and made it to the restaurant at six-fifteen. the hostess wasn't too happy, but gave us a pager anyway. our show started at seven, and despite having booked tickets almost a month ahead, it worked on first-come, first-served seating that began at six-thirty. yeah, our chances of making it were looking slimmer and slimmer. by six-thirty we were still ordering. but we mentioned to the server that we had a show at seven, and god bless him, he got us out of there with five minutes to spare.

we were cutting it close. especially when we went to the wrong ticket booth all together. by six-fifty-eight, it was likely we'd have to split up and sit in empty spots here and there or sit behind a pole or something. but we were the second-to-last party to be seated and still managed to get front-row spots off to the side. as we sat down, the show began.

after it was over (very good, btw), we had time to pick up liquor and chips and head off to the birthday festivities, even less than fashionably late. we even found a parking spot sort of close by. seriously, lady luck was winking at me that night. it's the only explanation for how such a sloppy start could turn into such a sweet evening.

the thing about me is, no matter how close i'm cutting it, somehow, someway, i manage to scrape by and make it. right up until seconds before deadline. it's always been that way -- and i get a little rush off the panic, too. i know, i have a problem. and one day it's going to bite me right in the booty. when it really counts. and of that very day i live in constant fear and paranoia; which consequently doesn't cause me to improve my behavior.

my company that night showed tremendous patience and sportsmanship, despite all the tailgating, screaming at traffic, time requesting, running, hostess pleading and inhaling of food that my tardiness demanded. the only comment was, 'you know, cadiz, you definitely get an A+ for planning. it's just the execution that needs a little work.'



Ale said...

oh yeah! i love cutting it close too- excellent work agent cadiz!

runaway bride- was a cute julia movie- funny thing was that julia didn't age and richard on the other hand was one old gray dude-

Demosthenes said...

Oh dear... well I can relate. Guys night out an Mongolian BBQ... six of us... oh sure, we will have enough money... tab comes to $126... we start counting... I get scared because all credit and ATM cards are at home... our collective cash comes to $125. We shove it in the book, tip with our last $1 and run out with not a single cent to our names.

Kind of but not really relevant. Restaurant scares are all alike.

Syar said...

I'm the opposite. I plan, I execute, I expire after the night is over. I have friends like you though, and I can't help but be jealous at all the breeziness. like, they'll want to watch a movie that starts at 1.30. its 1.25. they're ADAMANT that tickets are still available. I start bracing myself to watch 3 Fast 3 Furious or something, and they get the tickets. AND a student discount without their student cards.

*sigh* I need to lighten up, I know.

Gloria Glo said...

Cute comeback from your pal.

I think it's an adventurous spirit that makes living at the edge of time so thrilling. At least, that's what I tell people when they criticize my chronically-late lifestyle.

X said...

I'm stumped, Cadiz. You got me on this one, although the only TC I can think of right now is Tevin Campbell, so I'll just throw that out there.


cadiz12 said...

runaway bride was pretty good -- it had that cheesy little speech that i lapped up like a thirsty kid at a waterfountain.

whoa dem, NObody had plastic? man, at least you didnt' ahve to do dishes...

eh, syar, you're much better off. believe me. planners will never get screwed. my time is coming, i just know it.

i'm so going to use that, glo. yeah! it's the spirit!

tevin campbell! haven't heard of that kid in ages. he must be like 35, now. sorry it's not right, x, but the first letter stands for "the." i know. that's a cheap one.

Lou (a.k.a. rainpuddles) said...

I'm with Syar... If I'm not early, I panic! I hate being late or thinking that I'll be late... That rush you enjoy... I can't stand it! Oh well.

Psychic Pimp said...

Ay cadiz, you will never change. Even hanging with me for so long...not a drop rubbed off on you. My constant attempts to light a fire under your a$$ failed miserably. But alas, you know I am drawn to you free spirits :) Don’t doubt yourself, you got luck on your side.

Pat said...

I'm also with Syar. I once got the most frightening rocket for being late on duty as a student nurse and have been paranoid about punctuality ever since. I hate being kept waiting and don't do it to other people. But vive la difference!

X said...

OhmyGod ohmyGod ohmyGod I even have the damn greatest hits in my house I should have got it first time dammit

The Cure.


Guyana-Gyal said...

No clock, no bell, no timer will keep you from your goal of being late. You really, really crack me up. Gee, you know how to have fun :-D

cadiz12 said...

you planners, (esp you p.p., i've seen you in action) i envy you. i can only dream of being as organized. i just have to fly by the seat of my bootyjeans, i guess.

the thing about robert smith, x, is that you aren't always able to understand what he's saying. but i'm sure you would have gotten it if you'd have heard it. i have that cd, too.

gg, i never really thought of it as a goal, but maybe i'm looking at this all the wrong way!