Sunday, June 18, 2006

except dialing fingers don't get drunk

"hi there."

"how's it going?"

"pretty good, i'm out shopping for shoes with cc. what are you doing?"

"nothing much. i pretty much just woke up."

"it's early for you out there. to whom do i owe the honor of such an early call?"

"well, i'd say it has something to do with the fact that you demanded i promise to call you as soon as i woke up this morning before you finally let me hang up the phone last night."

"i did? did we talk for long?"

"i believe we talked for about an hour. and you did NOT want to get off the phone."

"an HOUR? it felt like about 2 minutes."

"uh, no. and i kept telling you, 'cadiz, it's four a.m., don't you want to get some rest before you meet up with cc tomorrow morning? you don't want to be tired for shopping, do you?' and then you'd be like, 'okay. i guess so.' and i'd think i'd convinced you and say, 'okay, so we should both sleep. i'll talk to you tomorrow.' and you'd be like 'NO!' i was so tired, and you just wouldn't let me go."

"oh no. i'm so sorry. i had been drinking that riesling last night."

"yeah, you told me. it was really hard to understand you. half the time i was guessing what you were saying and you'd repeat it, but it'd be so slurry i still couldn't get it. i think you said something about benny wanting crackers?"

"we were eating crackers right before we crashed on the couch. R had white crackers and wheat crackers. but i don't know that other part. but benny is what my mom calls my dad, so that's REALLY freaking weird. i don't know why the hell i'd say that."

"that's pretty much all i could decipher. it was frustrating. except you did tell me that you love me about seventeen gazillion times."

"well, does that make it any less meaningful?"

"not at all. i love you."

"yeah, i love you too. i'm sorry i was so drunk."

"it's okay. it would have been a little better if i weren't in the car with the guys. it wasn't a short conversation and they kept looking back at me wondering what the hell was going on."

"why? they drink, they know how it is. didn't you tell them i was a little tipsy?"

"yeah, but not till after i got off the phone. i said, 'uh yeah, she's had a few.' then they laughed."

"aww, did i embarrass you?"

"nah, it's cool."

"so... did you say it back every time i told you that i loved you?"

"well, i can't say that i said it every single time. probably every other time. but believe me, i said it plenty."

"sorry, that's the way i am when i have a buzz. whatever emotion i'm currently feeling gets multiplied by about 12."

"i'm starting to get that."

"good, because you're going to want to remember it so you can make sure that you don't piss me off."


Popeye said...

That's kinda cute. . .

Jon said...

Wait a minute… you drink?

Lia said...

I like how you focus on the practical aspects: Don't get Cadiz mad when she's drunk.

Lucky you - even with dungeon duty, I spy remnants of a life.

jazz said...

oh, to be in love! i wish i were...

Ale said...

sorry i'd hang up on you if i was that "i love you" guy-- i dont even pick up the phone at questionable hours from ppl... though for you its hard to tell whats a questionable hour...

what were you drinking? and yes crackers are the best drunk food :)

cadiz12 said...

really ale? because i do recall getting a very giggly call from a certain sempre girl and her arm candy at a certain wedding a while back, which i found immensely entertaining.

Ale said...

cadiz...dude... i wasn't drunk!!! thats me being normal!!!!!! :)

damit i should just START drinking maybe i'll become NORMAL...

and anyway... you can hardly call 2bottles of champaigne drinking- come ooooon!!!


Katie said...


Andy said...

Drinking multiplies emotions by 12? really?

I think mine are, like, multiplied by 20... Mind you, I'm a cheap drunk these days.

Syar said...

any advice on how one would recreate this scenario, minus the drinking?

cadiz12 said...

oh honey, if i had any clue whatsoever i would have done it YEARS ago.