Monday, June 05, 2006

simple pleasures

'did you see that obit in today's paper about this lady who was a curler?'

'no, was it a good one?'

'it was terrible! this woman lived for seventy-some-odd years and the entire thing was about curling! how boring. who wants to read about that?'

'well, i know somebody who really enjoys it. he's even got special shoes and everything. and he makes it sound kind of interesting.'

'well, i think it's boring. and i happen to know the girl who wrote the story. she said the husband-- who is all about curling, too-- that curling is all he wanted to talk about in the interview. you know the kicker? she had like three kids and they were just barely mentioned at the end as survivors. this woman was hard core. i guess she helped get curling into the Olympics or something.'

'maybe that's what she really was passionate about. c'mon, don't be so hard on her, she's dead. what about you? what do you think they'd say in your obituary?'

'well, i think i'd be all right as long as they didn't talk about hair or fashion.'

'why not? t, you're the only person i know who can pull off that shade of tangerine and still look fabulous. and you have a new, cool, hairstyle every week.'

'i know, i know, but there's more to me than that. it's just not what i want to be remembered for, you know?'

'oh right, aren't you on a bunch of committees in your town and always writing your Congressperson about something or another? how about "community activist"? '

'yeah! that's the kind of stuff i hope people would remember. what would they say for you?'

'i doubt i'm important enough to make the paper unless i get gunned down by a psycho soccer mom or something. but i guess they'd have to say something like "Cadiz Twelve: That Girl Really Loved her Television." '


i got tagged by our very own curling master, Omar. here are ten of my simple pleasures:

10) sappy-ass movies with plot holes the size of wyoming, bad acting and cheesy endings that i didn't want to pay nine bucks to see in the theater or waste three days of my netflix to order but still secretly wanted to see

9) being able to rewind after i've realized i'd been dozing and missed something critical, like what exactly the hero did to mess up and lose the girl

8) being able to forward through the scary parts without having to actually watch someone get stabbed/shot/jumped/raped/dismembered, only in fast-forward

7) when one of my roommates ignores the fact that i'm concentrating on the hero's part-apology-part-love-professing speech (the only worthwhile part, btw), stands directly in my line of vision trying to converse with me, i can pause live television and not miss a WORD.

6) knowing exactly how many taps of the forward arrow it takes to skip the entirety of the commercial break without having to rewind

5) that my roommates still haven't quite figured out how to search for their shows or set an entire season to record at one time, so i can fill up the dvr with my sappy movies

4) being able to hear the actors use actual swearwords instead of dubbedover epithets. somehow ray liotta's "melon farmer" substitute in 'Goodfellas' just doesn't have the same panache as the real thing.

3) catching up on all the stuff i've only just heard about all this time. for example, reading an online article about Stephen Colbert's show doesn't really convey the fact that he pronounces it the 'Colbear Reporrr.'

2) being able to set something for recording at the same time BBC news or 'According to Jim' or whatever else my roommates watch while i'm at work

1) never! again! having to sit through another stupidass skincare infomercial/timeshare pyramid scheme/flimsy cooking gadget/magical stain-remover program when it's 4 a.m. and i can't sleep. not to mention the neverending parade of personal injury/racyphoneline/diet pill commercials. praise the Lord!

sorry, guys. I would just tag Guyana Gyal, because i know she loves these things as much as i do, but her computer is busted. so Jon and Ale, you're up.


X said...

Are those lyrics from the full version of the Fresh Prince theme? I remember hearing them one time on a re-run of an old episode, then figuring they'd been cut by the network for brevity in later intros.

I prefer the truncated version, though. It flows better.


Jon said...

Tagged eh? I hope you can handle the repercussions. I see that TV brings you all the simple pleasures. Sounds like someone is enjoying the new dish…

cadiz12 said...

i agree with you, x. this verse is a little stilted. it was only included the first three or so episodes of the first season. but you know, i'm all about hidden gems.

Lia said...

You could've called this Ode to a TiVo, or something. Am I missing the point? It is the simple pleasures that mean so much.

Still, I've gotta say I think the three children should've been higher on the priority list than the curling. But that's just my opinion.

Modern Viking said...

I love how all of your simple pleasures are cable/dvr related. Honestly, 7 out of 10 of mine would be too.

Here's an interesting story... Alfred Nobel read his own obituary in the paper one day. It was published early by accident. In it, he was referred to as the 'merchant of death' or something like that, because up until that point his greatest achievement had been the invention of dynamite. He didn't really like the way that sounded, so before he died he established the Nobel Prize. Now which do you remember him for?

omar said...

I called it. I knew you'd bring it with some good answers. And anything TV related is good in my book.

Tell T she has an open invite to come out east for some curling. She'll be joining the local curling club in no time.

cadiz12 said...

yes, jon, i am enjoying it a little too much. i haven't done jack in the last two weeks. (i.e. posting) because i'm obsessed with the dish. so my life has become an ode to TiVo, lia.

hmmmm, very interesting, viking. maybe this 'peek' into my own obituary should be a sign that i need to get out more...

i'll have to let her know about your offer, omar. you can't deny that a man with specialty sports gear is probably a great go-to man on learning new things.

Katie said...

I like the preface, and the list. Ah! Here's to simple pleasures!

Syar said...

this was a great meme. good call, omar. I loved how the story started. and yay TV!

Ale said...

1-10 ice cream ;)

hey, you asked for SIMPLE - if you want creativity we can talk privately.

Lia said...

Ale- that's the spirit! I'm with you on that.

Ale said...

lia.. i hope you know what "ice cream" is code for... eeehhehee

girlspit said...

I totally love that Stephen Colbert pronounces it "The Colbear Reporrr." It makes me giggle every time.