Friday, June 16, 2006

the fever could be breaking

so i was sitting in the dungeon thinking to myself, self, what will you watch tonight when you finally get home?

a) world cup soccer fastforwarding to the good parts
b) mtvmotherland top ten videos
c) the second half of national treasure
d) motherland cooking show (may go well with the Portillos my brother picked up for me tonight)
e) die hard 3 (the only one i haven't seen yet)
f) saturday night fever (what was all that travolta fuss about?)
g) one of four cheesy romantic comedies

i was about to consider the options more carefully when i stopped to wonder why the pickins were so slim. it hits me: i HAVEN'T RECORDED anything in THREE DAYS.

maybe it's over? no more send-the-wife-to-a-spa-and-redecorate-hideously shows? no aging professional wrestler reality sitcoms left? nary a Cosby rerun? was the dish obsession just a phase? that only lasted three weeks? good God, maybe i'm settling into the denoument of a comfortable, healthy television lifestyle.

dammit, i probably missed something awesome.


Ale said...

cheesy romantic comedies!!!!! yey!

Farah said...

Oh, go watch Die Hard 3!! It's my fave of the trilogy.

Modern Viking said...

Everyone goes through a slump now and then. Don't worry, you'll be back at it before you know it!

Jon said...

Viking is right, just hang in there, you'll get your second wind.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I saw Sat. Night Fever recently. It was deeeeeepressing.

When I'm in Florida I am fixed on E! And the old black and white movies.

Now we have Zee TV here.


Ah jist luuve tv.

cadiz12 said...

my favorite channel is 2006: MTVdesi