Tuesday, June 27, 2006

jolt of realization

"my camera has been eating through batteries like nobody's business."

"are you using those rechargeable ones?"

"yeah, but the green light hasn't been showing up on the charger. can you take a look at them?"

"sure, no problem. hang on, i have to get something out of the closet... okay, let me see those."

"oh. my. God."

"what? what happened? you have a problem with me wanting to know how much juice your batteries have?"

"no. but you know how they say, no matter how unlikely it seems, every girl inevitably seeks out a guy who has qualities like her father?"

"you got this from the fact that i have my own voltmeter?"

"that and how you jumped at the chance to use it. i never really saw it until this very moment."

"is that so."

"yeah. my dad's is yellow."


Ale said...

GIRL its SO TRUE this whole qualities like your father thing... sooooo totally true... its freaky-scary

Modern Viking said...

They say guys pick girls like their mothers too... I hope that's not too true...

Jon said...

Any man worth his salt has a volt meter, or at least wants to have one.

Lia said...

Yellow volt meters are the nicest.

Except they get dirty if they get used. And then they become ugly.

This from your technical representative.

Katie said...

And when you have two dads... tragedy ensues.

omar said...

Well put, Jon. All men should have volt meters. In fact, I'm kind of ashamed I haven't purchased one for my son yet.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Also, a guy with qualities like her brother[s].

X said...

Voltmeter? Whatever happened to connecting the terminals to your tongue?


Jon said...

Hard to do on a AA battery X.

Syar said...

I haven't experienced this phenomenon yet, but am deathly scared of the day when I do. dad's brother's, cousins, nephews, keep em all out of my love life.

if my dad doesn't have a voltmeter does that mean a)I'm good to see all guys that do have voltmeters or b) I have a great father's day present for next year?

'ka said...

my 1st bf had so many of my dad's qualities... 'n after with him for quite a few years, i knew i gotta dump him