Tuesday, January 30, 2007

making up is hard to do

"so, are you mad at me?"

"no. should i be?"

"no. just wondering... you know, because you can be a faker sometimes and say you're not but really you are, that's all."

"i'm not mad."




"so, you made a cake today?"

"yes, would you like to try it?"


"like maybe later or maybe right now?"

"maybe right now."

"no problem. i'll get it now."

"wait! can you warm it up just a little bit in the microwave?"



Demosthenes said...

I get the "Are you mad? You're mad. Why are you mad?" rant all the time. And usually I really am mad, but I fake otherwise to keep the concern well gushing.

beenzzz said...

Yeh, making up is hard to do. Very uncomfortable conversation, huh?

jinius said...

for some reason when it comes to conversations with family members and significant others, a conversation about something as simple as cake is really about a hundred other things.

ML said...

One of my least favorite conversations. I make every attempt not to partake. But, cake will always help :)

The Stormin Mormon said...

Cake does help.

The "are you mad"conversation never leads to good things in my life, but if she says "yes" I expect a reason.
Apparently in my last relationship this was to much to ask.

Jon said...

I think everything hinges on the kind of cake it is... so seriously, what kind of cake are we talking about here?

Radioactive Jam said...

The microwave warmup cliffhanger ending is a nice touch.

omar said...

I'm with Jon, what kind of cake? The right kind of cake can cure a lot of problems. But the wrong kind, that's just like adding fuel to the fire.

cadiz12 said...

thing is, we're two of a kind when it comes to being stubborn when we think we haven't done anything wrong. but by that point, both of us had realized that it was a micommunication that got blown out of proportion -- she should have waited a bit longer to form a search party and i should have called back a little sooner -- and had forgiven the other.

the tone that i think didn't come across was the yeah-i-forgive-you-but-i-want-you-to-say-it-first playful "maaaaaaybe?" in which you can definitely hear a smile.

but maybe it was really the cake, which was a recipe she had gotten from a coworker and hadn't gotten around to trying yet. nothing says I Love You mommy more than and unexpected, spongy, burst of Orange Cake.

ale said...

i would have guessed it was your dad talking, "heat it up in the microwave upright just a little" is EXACTLY something he'd say, even if i offered ice cream

Radioactive Jam said...

Wow, even just the cake NAME sounds good.

cadiz12 said...

funny you say that, ale. my dad likes everything cold -- ESPECIALLY the ice cream.