Tuesday, January 09, 2007

parting words

"i decided that now that i have all this free time, i'll have to post more regularly on the blog."

"yeah? you sure that's not just procrastinating on doing what you need to do?"

"probably, but you know i'm going to procrastinate anyway."


"i'm so wired, i'll probably be up late again tonight. i was thinking to post for tomorrow but i can't think of anything good."

"you can always write about how you keep your boyfriend up too late every night."

"what? why?"

"um, because it's true."

"yeah, but then people might jump to weird conclusions or something."

"like dirty ones? um, i'm pretty sure you've made it clear that i live 2,000 miles away."

"i know, but still. got any other ideas?"

"sigh. how about you make it clear that you're keeping your boyfriend up way too late by asking ridiculous questions?"

"fine. sweet dreams to you, then."

"good night."


The Stormin Mormon said...

Those late night conversations can be GOLD.

I wouldn't trade them for anything.

ML said...

Hard coming up with things to blog about :) Great conversation.

Lia said...

Perfect post, Cadiz. So . . . you.

2,000 miles, huh. I knew it was long distance, but now I'm trying to figure out what's 2,000 miles from Chicago. So who's being kept up late, and who's being woken up early? I'd prefer the former.

Lia said...

Okay, okay. I don't have to figure out what's 2,000 miles away. But it sounds like he's not being kept up as late as you are.

highcontrast said...

its high time you ditched the marsupial life, c. going forward, if anyone should be keepin' anyone up, it should be H.

Jasmine said...

yes. agreed with highcontrast. he's hours behind you....

Jon said...

I'm guessing he doesn't mind being kept up late. I'm thinking he's more annoyed by the fact that he has to get up early. Am I right?

cadiz12 said...

late-night conversations are usually the ones where you find out the most about a person. and hopefully we can bring that number of miles down sometime in the future.

are you trying to call me a bandicoot, hc? the thing to remember is that no one, hours behind or not, who has to be at work at a specific time in the a.m. can keep up with me. i was up till six this morning. i really do have to kick this disturbing nocturnal pattern. he does hate to get up in the morning, and though i'm sure he has better things to do than help me figure out the name of the movie in which vince vaughn was some pseudo-rap-trashtalker and the Rock was rockin a powderblue tux (Be Cool, btw), he'd rather do that than wake up early and sit in traffic.

Ale said...

i'd fall asleep on Kaiya when we would have night conversations and she'd have to press bottons on the phone to wake me up-- aahhahha

guyana-gyal said...

Haha, sounds familiar. Except my late night is his day time. Yay.

beenzzz said...

Blogging day after day is a difficult thing. I'm sure you can come up with stuff. I need to do the same thing. YIKES!

Syar said...

cute. :-)