Friday, August 31, 2007

you never know when Batman will show up

There's a frigging LAMBORGHINI parked outside the office, for use in the new Christian Bale batman movie, The Dark Knight. They've blocked off all the streets on our block and on the way into the office this morning, my colleague almost got run over by Bale in a sleek black car flying up the street. When you see the movie, look for a bewildered dark-haired woman in white pants and a dark brown shirt, hopping onto the curb to save her life.

This makes me really pissed I forgot to put my camera back in my bag this morning after it charged.

But at least I wasn't missing out on this (includes video).

***UPDATE on the UPDATE***

Here's a picture and some scoop about the movie and the Lamborghini--I'm thinking it's supposed to be Bruce Wayne's, so it's a regular non-Batmobile Lamborghini Murcielago. (Murcielago means "Bat," which I thought was pretty appropriate.)


omar said...

I saw on the news last night that a building in Chicago was being blown up for the movie. I'm sad because I want Lamborginis and exploding buildings!

Jon said...

I feel your pain Omar... everyone should be able to explode at least one building in their lifetime...

Cadiz, what if Omar had given us a photo assignment to get a picture of the filming of the next Christian Bale Batman movie?!?! That is a perfect example of a missed opportunity.

Librarian Girl said...

Was it a plain old lamborghini or was it a Batmobile style one?

Listen to me, "plain old lamborghini," like I crap expensive cars in my sleep. Sheesh.

velocibadgergirl said...

I was going to say something clever, but then you said "Christian Bale" and I drooled on my keyboard and sort of zoned out there for a minute. Sorry about that!

Nadia said...

Oh my God. WHAT?!

*seethes in envy*

Do me a teensy favor and stalk Heath for me, would you please? And maybe suck on his face for a while. Say it's from Nadia, he'll know what it means.

Well, probably not, and you'll likely be arrested, but you'll ALSO have my undying gratitude/envy. A small price to pay, I think.

The Stormin Mormon said...

That is so BA.

I got to drive the new Murcielago Roadster when the local dealer took delivery of theirs. I was terrified that I would break the damn thing, but it was one of the most fun days ever.

I can see why people have no hesitation to spend $300,000 on the car.

cadiz12 said...

omar: i'm all about fast cars and explosions, too. as long as i'm driving but not getting blown up.

jon: i know! i have put the camera back in my bag where it belongs.

librarian girl: it's gray and pretty wingless, so i'm thinking it's a bruce wayne lamborghini.

velocibadgergirl: i should have spent more time outside. my coworker actually walked right past CB on the street!

nadia: if i had the opportunity, would totally do so at the risk of getting clown makeup all over myself and pissing off my boyfriend. your undying gratitude/envy means that much to me.

stormin: I AM SO JEALOUS.