Tuesday, March 02, 2010

and to think, we were only worrying about the ∞ symbol

H and I spent a long time deciding on how best to present our very unique love story in 100 words. Unfortunately, we had no idea how the form we submitted to was going to make it look. So here is what we INTENDED to post for a shot at an Ultimate Wedding. PLEASE VOTE FOR US, and tell your friends!


Our love story.

Random comments about Encyclopedia Brown vs. Nancy Drew that started it all: 2
Miles of separation in March 2005: 2039
Initial text messages—determining how all future children will be named: 6

Flights between LAX and MDW: 51
Average minutes on the phone per month: 5400
Cross-country moves: 1

Unexpected foods Jon has tried: 71
Professional athletes on Jon's favorite teams whom Karen can now name: 26
Pancakes consumed during the proposal: 11
Puzzles Karen solved to get her ring: 8

How long we’ll be together: ∞ (infinity)

Three important details about our Ultimate Wedding.

All our loved ones will be there to take part in our special blend of Indian (samosas and stealing shoes) and American (but not the Chicken Dance) traditions. A photojournalist will be on hand to capture awesome candid moments so we don’t have to take long breaks from the fun. On top of all that, we’ll set up a semi-elaborate series of puzzles that will not only entertain, but help our guests get to know each other better.

Our everyday dream day.

After six snoozes, we still manage to get up early enough to have an adventure--skydiving/go-kart racing/zip-lining, what have you. We come home to an amazing meal with a few close friends, squeeze in an hour of really great television and pass out on the couch. And nobody had to do the dishes!

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cadiz12 said...

and i'd like to give Omar at Suburban Juggernaut a shout out for inspiring us. maybe next time we'll leave the numbers thing to the professionals.