Wednesday, March 03, 2010

do it for the penguins

Shortly after we got engaged--probably around the time we started telling anyone who asked that our wedding date was tentatively set for 2013--we got this in the mail with some lovely gifts from H's youngest sister. I have it hanging on the bulletin board above my desk and it garners a lot of compliments.

Apparently my side of the family isn't the only one with baby fever.

If you haven't already, please take 30 seconds to vote for us to win a wedding from Crate & Barrel/Daily Candy. Just enter your email address and any password (may I suggest "liverisforsuckas"), then when you get a confirmation in your inbox, click the link to verify.

While it'd be a dream to get as many as the current leaders, we're just looking to crack the top 50. Please tell your friends, family, facebook friends and Twitter followers!

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Steven said...

That's hilarious!!! She is a creative one. I voted with all of my 6 email accounts. Ooooh, and I just thought of one more I can use. Crossing my fingers!!

Steven said...

Make that 8 email addresses. Also, this is not Steven.... it is Amanda.

velocibadgergirl said...

Love the card! I voted once, but Amanda's comment reminded me that I have a few more accounts I can use ;)

Madelyn said...

I was pretty proud of that card. I'm honored that it made your blog.