Monday, March 01, 2010

tell your brother, your sister and your momma, too

Hey, remember when we asked you for advice when we were going to enter a wedding contest?

We signed up for Crate & Barrel's Ultimate Wedding Giveaway. The competition is FIERCE, y'all, with couples already logging in more than 5,000 votes a full four weeks before the end of the contest (ends March 31). The top 50 vote-getters will be in the running for a lot of cool prizes--the best being an entire wedding coordinated by a planner to the stars.

Our under-100-word description style was inspired by the lovely and talented Omar. Formatting didn't translate as intended (we couldn't edit) but we think the spirit of what we were trying to say comes across.

We don't even know 5,000 people, so we're counting on your votes and we're hoping you'll ask other people to vote for us too. All you have to do is find our entry, enter your email and any sort of password (suggestion: H&CadizFTW) and a confirmation will be sent to you. Then just click the link to verify and your vote will be counted!

The one thing I can guarantee is that you'll read all about the shenanigans involved when Cadiz and H try and plan a wedding--hopefully a lot sooner than 2013.


Teej said...


Your wedding will be so much for fun for all of the guests. Puzzles!

SupaCoo said...

I love your entry! If you can edit it, maybe where you want each line break to be put a pipe | icon? That could break it up to be more readable (since formatting isn't available). I voted and I'll vote from all of my other e-mail addresses too...

Anonymous said...

I just voted and I hope you win! I'll tell all my friends to vote for you too! All three of them ;)

omar said...

I have to do performance evaluations for each of my student employees in the next few weeks. While I still have that to hold over them, I'll tell each of them to go vote for you guys. :)