Sunday, August 14, 2011


On a normal day, I'm extremely reluctant to go to bed (which often leads to my falling asleep unwillingly in the middle of a conversation/a compelling program/dinner). But today was one of those days that I REALLY don't want to go to bed, for that would mean this day would be over. 

Truly, I am one of the most blessed people out there. So much so that I'm paranoid something terrible is coming my way to counterbalance how wonderful the people in my life are.
But you can't predict the future, and I'm trying not to worry too much about things beyond my control. So in the meantime, I'll just appreciate how great it is to be spoiled ROTTEN. I love you, everyone. Thank you so much for your love and kindness, today and every day.

photo by Jonathan Muller
Angel 07 made me this very special cookie. It's too cute to eat!


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good 33rd birthday! Can;t wait to see you in a month!!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Oooh, so it was your birthday! Happy celebrations. You deserve...that's what everyone's saying. You're a giver yourself, aren't you?

I've had to learn how to focus on the here and now, and not dwell on what might not be. It's helped.

Today's my nephew's birthday...he's 12!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! A little late, but no less happy! :)


SupaCoo said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (BTW, glad I'm not the only one with the "why do I deserve so much rockery? and what is going to happen to offset this?" mentality!)

Angel07 said...

Just saw this! My cookie is now "published" hahaha!