Monday, August 29, 2011

batteries charged

As soon as this knot is tied, I will (in addition to watching copious amounts of television) write some much-needed descriptions of how the wonderful people have spoiled me with their kindness and generosity. Seriously, there is no way to describe how touching it is to feel so very very loved. I cannot say that enough.

This past weekend, highcon and ri (and her husband, c) flew me out to NYC (with Jon) to hang out as a last hurrah before the wedding. This was planned way before Hurricane Irene was even on the radar, but last-minute enough that I had to scramble to get a day off. Yes, we still have twelve kajillion things to do and had no business going anywhere, but I'll be honest, I think I was so overwhelmed and a little burnt out that I wasn't being very productive at all.

The fact that Irene kept us inside and playing cards all weekend really gave Jon and I a break from me: freaking out about, and he: having to hear me freak out about all the stuff that has yet to be done.

We did venture out a couple of times for provisions, and ended up standing in superlong lines to scrounge for stuff on shelves that looked like this:

 All the stores were pretty much like this.

And the lines at the registers were out the door.

Manhattan didn't end up getting any severe damage aside from flooding, but I understand there are areas of the east that bore the brunt of the storm. I am sending those people many good vibes, especially the ones whose homes washed away. Mother Nature can be so cruel sometimes.  My brother is still angry with me because I essentially had made him drive out of Alabama to Houston during their last hurricane threat and yet I pretty much flew into the path of Irene. He says I have lost the right to order him to evacuate when he is in potential danger. I don't think the boy understands the rules of Older Siblings. Do as I say, brother. Do as I say. 

The day after they lifted the evacuation ban, we walked (or rather we were blown there) down to the Hudson in some SERIOUS wind that we would have expected during the "tropical storm" that it got downgraded to, not after it. So we seized that opportunity to take some cheesy pictures.

So, in sum: We are recharged and ready to face the challenges ahead!


SupaCoo said...

I can't wait to hear all about it!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Uh-oh, look at your brother, jealous because he didn't stay for *his* hurricane :-)

It's the 'ordinary' folk I feel sorry for. I can't believe what we've seen on the news...houses being washed away and everything.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing to aid the wedding planning like a little hurricane force winds, eh? Glad it's all going well!