Wednesday, March 08, 2006

a little envelope of sunshine

last week was a really bad one. like one of the worst weeks. in years.

i'm not even kidding. you know when you're having a rough day and every single second you're wishing you hadn't really woken up that morning and if you could, you'd pinch yourself right out of this nightmare and get to start over? well that was me. EVERY DAY. ALL WEEK. it was so bad that even i was like, DUDE, that's enough already. what the hell kind of horrible thing have i done to deserve this? seriously. SERIOUSLY!

but then it was over. sort of like a freak rainstorm you get caught in without even a newspaper to hide under. how did i know it was over? last friday, i opened the mailbox and found a letter from my college roommate, who doesn't live terribly far, but whom i get to see about 1/100 of the time i'd like to. she'd been cleaning out some stuff at her mom's house that weekend and found a list she'd written in 1999. 21 things about me. why i'm so cool. she had intended to do something with it for my 21st birthday, but it didn't happen for whatever reason. anyway, holding it in my hands was insurance that the week to come just couldn't possibly be as bad as the last.

i won't go into the whole list, but here are some highlights:

3. great facial expressions
5. girl can take a nap, anytime, anywhere
9. she amuses me with her sleeptalking
12. she's always ready & willing to take a study break
13. she can sleep through anything
14. her spotted tongue (sorry, no visual aid available.)
18. she's always prepared. (food, drugs, tampons, she has it all.)

some of that stuff on the list i had totally forgotten we used to do. reading it got me laughing again, which had seemed nearly impossible after all the crap i had been dealing with. honestly, it's little things that people do for you that truly make you value your own worth. most of the time it's no big deal to them and they don't often realize how much it means to you.

thanks, girl. your timing has always been impeccable.


X said...

You can take a nap anytime and anywhere and you talk in your sleep?

Do you know what that says to me? Non-stop entertainment.


X said...

Also, it's just clicked that the initials under the lyrics might be Death Cab For Cutie. Correct? No?


Ale said...

haahaha i TOTALLY love it!!! especially

#5 and #13...

no kiddin' you can even sleep through sardegna!!!!!! marrrronamia! brava!!!

Katie said...

It is Death Cab! Soul Meets Body, in point of fact. I love Death Cab! And on that note...

A spotted tongue? Now there's something a visual for would have been very appreciated.

Modern Viking said...

You're lucky, she sounds like a good friend! And you must be cool, because I'm part narcissist and I can't think of 21 cool things about myself...

Lia said...

What a great friend. The sun does have a way of coming out just about when you've given up. I especially like #3 (i wish i could) and #12 (me too).

jazz said...

it's totally the little things!

cadiz12 said...

yes. i'm a notorious narcolept without actually having the disease. and what's worse is that people like to take pictures of me sleeping. at the table in restaurants, in the car, at my desk. but hey, that goes along with pulling lots of all-nighters.

yes, deathcab. that line alone prompted me to buy the album. i'm a sucker for lyrics.

Guyana-Gyal said...

LOL I strongly suspected # 5 a long time ago, and thought you were just blaming it on your job haha.