Thursday, July 27, 2006

according to plan, there will be a hitch

one of my best friends-- known her since fifth grade-- is getting married on saturday. and while my feelings are nothing like those of julia roberts in 'my best friend's wedding,' i have called upon H to help me do my best to troubleshoot.

my plan is for us to get out all the drama karma BEFORE the nuptials (just as a goodluck failsafe):

*Thursday, all day: try to stock up on sleep and do all the stuff i should have done before like haircut, eyebrows and pedicure
*Friday, 4 p.m.: attend rehearsal, dinner
*Friday, after festivities: drive to old-school 1960's hotel, the only one a person can get at reasonable equidistance from airport, bride's house and church for less than $360 a night (so much for priceline[dot]com), check in, try to nap
*Saturday, 1 a.m.: pick up H from the airport
*Saturday, 6 a.m.: get going to bride's house
*Saturday, 10:30-ish a.m.: get picked up by H to go to the church

i was, in a shocking development, running around like a chicken trying to find a decent place to stay (five hours is way too short and way too late to impose), that i failed to realize that the the hotel is actually on the outer edge of a cutesy, trendy neighborhood, a place that most people might qualify as 'sketchy.' for some reason i missed the tipoff of the bullet-proof glass/bankteller slot between me and the guy taking my reservation, as well as the iron FENCE going all around the premises. granted, that was at 1 p.m. before work and there were little kids riding their bikes. i have been reassured by people who live near there that it should be ok, but still, i'll have my pepper spray.

i'm starting to rethink that whole take a nap part, though. i'd rather be tired and have all my limbs than in a permanent state of rest.

so in any case, you may not hear from me for some time, as we will be crossing state lines to attend a wedding in a castle. hopefully i will not botch the 2.5-minute speech i'm supposed to give (and haven't yet been able to write).

but if i'm mugged and dismembered, that'd be a damn shame, because as Ale has said, the bridesmaid dress is really cute.


Ale said...

i was going to give you a loud HA! at the attempt at taking a nap... but you did it yourself.

Modern Viking said...

A wedding in a castle? That sounds fun! I hope everyone will be wearing castle clothes too...

cadiz12 said...

well, technically, the reception is in the castle. they wanted a the church part to be in a church. i don't know about castle clothes, but i don't think there will be any kilts. sorry, viking.

Guyana-Gyal said...

And you're going to be on time, right Cadiz? Right? :-)

Jon said...

No disrespect to all other titles of posts so far, but this one is hands down my favorite… Good luck with the festivities. Hope all goes well.

omar said...

Just make sure to let us know how the speech goes. As long as you don't talk about ex-boyfriends, you should do fine.

Becky said...

mention how beautiful they look together and thank the hosts for such a lovely party. that is usually a safe way to ease your way in so that you aren't trembling when you get to the good parts.

and don't forget to raise your glass at the end. and then don't forget to drink out of it. people always get nervous and forget that part.

Demosthenes said...

So this means you'll have to get married soon, too. That's the message here. Once your friends start going, it's a very slippery slope from then on out.

cadiz12 said...

thanks for the advice guys. stay posted on how it all went down. and as for it being my turn, i don't know about that because second to ale, whos bf is across the atlantic, mine is about as far west as you can get from chicago in the continental united states. i don't know how that translates to being married or what, but i wouldn't hold your breath for anytime very soon.