Tuesday, July 25, 2006

mssd up splng: th nw genratn

the motorola pr department is at it again:

Motorola set to launch two new mobile phones, siblings to the Razr: Krzr and Rizr.

i don't even know where to begin on pronouncing those.


NOW motorola is going to have the Scpl, slimmer than the Razr. is that supposed to be pronounced "scalpel"? wtf, motorola, you're contributing to the spelling delinquency of teens EVERYWHERE.


X said...



omar said...

X, that's the first thing I thought of as well.

Lia said...


WHere is the world heading?


Jon said...

is that going to be anything like the Snoop DeVille?


cadiz12 said...

you guys make me proud. i didn't even have to say anything. :)

Syar said...

for some reason I'm thinking of crackers and risotto.

this is what I get for blogging instead of eating.

Katie said...

I can never decipher what they want me to be able to say.

WV = Barvy... aka: barphy? Way to go Motorolla, you even have the WV in pain.

Ale said...

MTRLA is a FKN HDLSS IDIOOOOOOOTTT!!! i cnt stnd thm!!!!


hope they understand it, since its in their language