Monday, July 24, 2006

it's hard out here for a

i'd love to say i'm an optimist, but i'm not. at least to the public, anyway.

what makes it tricky is that people like me actually are optimists deep down inside -- they convince themselves that assuming the worst might "un-jinx" things. besides, there's a tiny comfort in at the very least being right if it doesn't work out. and if it does, well that's the best way to be wrong.

unfortunately that method can backfire. and it ends up being so much more of a letdown than just being a straightup optimist. because straightup optimists don't take too long to see the silver lining.


omar said...

I'm glad you said "optimist," because you don't seem the "pimp" type.

And now that song will be in my head all day.

Jon said...

Ditto that Omar… thanks for putting that song in my head Cadiz. You’re the best!

kaiyareturns said...

as i say, "i'm a pessimist, but secretly an optimist"