Monday, July 10, 2006

something blue

when you set out to paint a picture
there's an image in your head
you choose those closest to share
their talent and creativity
and add a mark to the masterpiece

after you've handed out the brushes
and loose guidelines
they interpret it their own way
they don't exert the effort you'd hoped
but instead
they surprise you
but not in a good way
they attempt to please you
and end up all wrong
they let you down
more than you'd ever expected
and suddenly your work isn't what you wanted
at all

it's become tainted
foreign, somehow
you do your best to salvage
corral their ideas
there once was a lot of love to draw from
but all that's left is disappointment

you wonder what you were thinking
back when the canvas was blank
you want to give up
quit, start again without their ruin
but things have gone too far
and you only get one shot

gripping expectations so tight
you can't see what's in your own hands
or what's being choked in the process

all you can do now is shake your head
say 'just wait till you go through this'
with a knowing smile
a gentle curse for things to come
just veil your disappointment
dance as the paint dries
but remember how things ran amok
and keep that in your pocket for the future

because things will never be the same


Popeye said...

I hate that part.

jazz said...

totally beautiful...

in a totally painful kind of way...

Guyana-Gyal said...

I knew that pain. Too many expectations, hope, wishful thinking. Then poof. It's not the same as I'd pictured in my head.

Ale said...

this could all be changed if the original canvass person just has a big ass long island ice tea - yea the one with 5 liquor shots- and chases it down with some moet chandon! than the work of art will pleasantly blur into EXACTLY what they wanted.......... !!! OH and dont forget to distribute equally large alcohol quantities to the artists.. thanks!

omar said...

I don't even drink, but I think Ale might be right.

Anonymous said...

I love poetry about Wiccans.

Lia said...

that was incredibly profound. nothing ever stays the same, though. and sometimes you can take what you're given and make something beautiful from it. even if it's not what you thought you wanted. we're all shaped by forces out of our control.

Katie said...