Sunday, November 04, 2007

the abcs of cadiz

Velocibadgergirl tagged me with an alphabet meme. Here's an alphabetical list of words that describe me:

affable (most times of the day)

bristly (when someone rubs me the wrong way)

competitive (I like to win)

devoted (don't mess with my peeps)

earthy (I'm down with worms, just not mosquitoes)

festive (I loves me a party!)

gullible (but I've heard that dictionary thing already)

heavy-footed (only when it comes to driving)

irascible (but I calm down pretty quickly)

judicious (but sometimes it's hard to be fair)

keeper (i.e. packrat)

lamenter (I wish I could think faster on my feet)

madcap (only in certain, oldschool company)

nimble (it'd surprise you how quickly I can get across the room to the snooze button and back)

obstinate (this was suggested by my boyfriend. what does that say about me?)

precise (I'm not always right, but I try to be correct)

quirky (a quality I look for in any good friend)

rollicking (just put on some bumping music)

sleepy (I've managed to hold onto that childhood habit of passing out midsentence)

tyrant (mostly when it comes to wielding the remote control)

unruly (don't you go telling me what to do--unless you're my mom)

voracious (when it comes to gobbling up a good book)

warm (you probably want me at a party where you don't know anyone)

xenophile (I'm obsessed with my own and other cultures. Okay, I looked that one up, but it's true)

yowly (things always seem to go wrong, and I just can't keep quiet about it)

zesty (but that may have something to do with my soap)


jinius said...

You can also add "Insightful". Thanks so much for your comment btw. had to admit it made me teary eyed. gosh darnit.

Lia said...

So . . .

I'm seeing one "affable" versus "bristly" + "competitive" + "irascible" + "obstinate" + "tyrant". I guess we can add "warm" to the other side of the equation. But girl, don't put yourself down so much! I think you're a pretty nice person.

Librarian Girl said...

Yowly! I love that word.

Jon said...

I feel like these memes keep getting harder and harder... Who thinks these up anyway?

Guyana-Gyal said...

I kinda figured out some, but I'd never have known about the obstinate if you hadn't mentioned it.