Thursday, November 29, 2007

what? i thought it was funny

"Here. You can use my brother's ski gloves while you're in town. I don't want your hands to freeze."

"Thanks. But can you help me put them on? I'm from Southern California; I don't know how these newfangled things work."


"Well, according to your blog, I'm too simple to operate a revolving door, so I wouldn't want to tackle something as complex as winter gloves."

"Har har har. Would you feel better if I told the Internet all about how you built your own computer from spare parts?"



naechstehaltestelle said...

Spare parts? I am impressed.


Spare computer parts, I assume? Not like, just junk one finds around the garage, right?

omar said...

Spare CAR parts. He's that good.

Putting on winter gloves might not be a big deal for a SoCal native, but I'd guess functioning while wearing winter gloves might be a bit of a challenge. It's an acquired skill. Kind of like surfing. (That's what everyone does in California, right?)

Librarian Girl said...

Maybe he can build a revolving door out of random spare parts of other things and then he could understand them better?

Lia said...

Only "maybe"? Uh, oh. Someone's really not happy.

Jon said...

My problem with gloves has always been where to put them when I'm out and about, but don't need them. Like if I go to a restaurant or something... sometimes there too big for my pockets. The only solution I've come up with so far is a fanny pack. So now I have to wear a fanny pack just to keep my hands warm... it doesn't make me look cool at all.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Too late, H, too late, no amount of computers you build will now convince us that you can tackle them there gloves. Oh Cadiz, what have you done? :-D