Friday, November 02, 2007

fraternizing with the enemy

"Oh my god I HATE CLIENTS! The deadline was this morning and now they're like oh, btw, we absolutely can't have this in there and you definitely have to change that about things they themselves approved WEEKS AGO!"

"Omg I do that all the time lol."

"You're going to hell with the rest of them."


"But so truuuuue."


Radioactive Jam said...

I think there's a secret Client Code that pretty requires things to happen that way. Yeah. It's called d-n-a.

Alexandra said...

ok this one iknow who what saying what to who and who the whos were.

i agree- also dealing with clients all the time- i basically listen to them very carefully nodding and ahaing then do what I THINK will work best for them... then when they want to change stuff around i suggest the way that i did it - make a big deal about how much of a miracle i'll have to do for them- then at the end congradulate them for thinking of such a brilliant plan - (and they congradulate me for making it happen) DUMBO-ASS clients they're all fools

Jon said...

I remember those days... bending over backwards and what not... I hated it. Now I'm free from all that hassle. Now, every day is a good day.