Friday, January 11, 2008

i guess i still sound seventeen. but so does she.

11:06 am, on my work voicemail:

"Boy, you have a very nice voice on the voicemail! Your mother must have taught you how to speak so well. Please give me a call and have a pleasant morning. Bye, I love you."

11:22 am, on the phone:

"So you liked my message, huh?"

"It was very clear. You didn't even stumble or say 'um' at all. And it sounded very sweet."

"You do realize that I have the same voice as you, right?"

"Only it's forty years younger."

"Um,  you were 28 when you had me."

"Whatever, old is old."


Aimless Wanderer said...

HAHAHA... that's a great conversation, just so random

WORDofRYE said...

Haha! Classic!

Anonymous said...

So if your mom is 40 years older that makes you...

omar said...

So she was 28 when she had you? Aren't you 29 now? What are you waiting for?

(High five, cadiz's mom and aunties!)

The Stormin Mormon said...

"Old is Old."

I'm going to have to use that one in a meeting at work when they joke about my age.

Lia said...

People often mix up me and my mom on the phone. Which is weird, because even if we have the same voice, we have different accents.

cadiz12 said...

our difference in accent is a good hint for people to tell us apart, too. thank goodness for that, too, with the ridiculous things some of my friends say to play jokes on me.

Jon said...

I don't hear it in my head, but when I play back my voice recorded, I sound a lot like my dad. I'm looking into surgery to correct that. I'm thinking about a career in movie trailer voice overs. We'll see how it goes.