Wednesday, January 16, 2008

out of the vault

Four years ago I got out of a relationship and got stuck in a dungeon. From there I started a blog, spouting out feelings thick as molasses until they were dripping from the ceiling like stalactites. It was miserable. Nobody knew about it but cc (God bless her, she actually read some of those posts all the way through). I have to say, though, letting it all out helped me get past it. And when all those sticky feelings started cramping my style, I got rid of that blog and started this one.

For awhile now, I've been lurking on, a place where some talented people have shared their writing. Basically you send in your stuff and Stacy and The Panel will post it if they like it. From its "About" page:

Absolutely ANYONE can submit - bloggers, writers, non-bloggers, non-writers, anonymous submitters and stick figures - but we are working together to raise the bar substantially.


in order to grow as writers, to learn from each other, to have pride in our work, we need to try hard and challenge ourselves.


Anonymous submissions are now being accepted and are welcomed.

What a novel idea! "Anyone" applies to me, so I dusted off a post from that long-deleted old blog—a longish recap I wrote while retracing my steps to figure out where things had gone wrong—and sent it in. "Anyone" can also apply to all of you. I happen to see a lot of great writing on the blogs I visit, and it'd be cool if more people got to read it.

Check it out sometime.


Lisa said...

I caught your post on IB. Well done, and congratulations! :)

naechstehaltestelle said...

Good job on the IB post!

SupaCoo said...

Wow, look at you - you're famous!! Nice work.

Lia said...

Awesome post over on IB. Not that you needed me to tell you that, since clearly Stacy&co already did.

Jon said...

Personally, I think you could get lots of your posts published there. You're that good. Own it! Then get paid for it. I'll be your agent. I'll only take 56%, and that's a promise!

jinius said...

yay congrats on indie bloggers! we should start an indie blogger group and wear like skinny ties and chucks ;)

jinius said...

i just read your ib piece and seriously, it is so lovely, best thing i've read in a long time.