Monday, January 28, 2008

"lazy" Sunday

This weekend was all about lying around and doing NOTHING. Except somehow I got a lot done.

I woke up at 2:30 pm on Saturday afternoon, watched television and finished knitting a scarf. Then I ate and talked on the phone. That's it. And it was soooooo good.

Sunday, however, I got up at the bootycrack of dawn (which I consider 7 am for a Sunday) and drove to the city for breakfast with cc. It was bizarre to be up and about so early, and the place was a little like a ghost town. After a lovely brunch in her old 'hood, we walked around shocked that the cute little shops weren't going to be open till NOON. We hadn't really made plans, so we checked out the theater listings and weren't impressed. And we were already caffeinated from breakfast—the coffeeshop was sort of out of the question. So we did what any bored twenty-something does on a Sunday.* We hit The Crack House.

Let me clarify: I refer to Jo Ann Fabrics (or any craft store) as "The Crack House." Mostly because I get a rush out of going there and acquiring items that are probably not good for me. Like boxes and boxes of choice cuts, gadgets, pattern envelopes, balls of yarn, loose sheets of pretty paper and a whole mess of other stuff that will likely get crumpled in my closet for decades to come. And with every trip, I suddenly find my pockets empty and my home bursting with heaps of craftery. It's nothing like the tragedy of an actual crack habit, but it's an addiction nonetheless.

Those of you who pay attention to my Twitter have seen that the keyboard-length chain of neon Post-Its is no substitute for a Rolodex, but I hate the options out there, so I'm attempting to make my own. And I'm being picky about it, because I have to refer to it about seven trillion times a day. I was telling cc about this quest and she offered to help, which was excellent because somehow I always find what I'm looking for when she's around.

So we spent the day roaming the aisles of The Crack House, Target, and were even considering the dollar store to find elements I thought I'll need to cobble together what I'm envisioning. We found them, (as well as a cable needle and gauge thingy I really didn't need). Now all I have to do is get cracking on it and hope for the best. Cc got a lot of her stuff done, too, and we returned to her place satisfied.

But the day was still young! So we watched Roll Bounce, then got sucked into Take The Lead. I've said before that I will sit through any movie with good dancing or good driving, no matter how terrible the acting/plot, and it's so much more fun to see them with likeminded people. (And that way I don't end up "owing" anyone for making him sit through a gem like Center Stage.)

It was a good day. Busier than I had anticipated, but a very good day.

*I am aware that this only applies to me.


angelciela07 said...

I'm a Center Stage addict.And I watched it yesterday for probably the 50th time. :) GO Jodie Saywer!

Librarian Girl said...

Center Stage rawks!

I have a situation similar to your Rolodex thing, only mine is about a pencil cup. I have been looking for a stylish, me-looking pencil cup for EVER. Standards, baby. Standards.

jazz said...

my crackhouse is staples. i love office supplies!!!

jinius said...

i LOVE center stage! my fave partis when they all go salsa dancing, get wasted, then show up hungover to dance class the next day.

Noelle said...

I have gotten myself into the habit of getting up early on the weekends, but you're right, there's often nothing to do before noon on Sundays.

I love that you call it the Crack House. I know exactly why.

Bri said...

I am addicted to places like that too. My apartment is full of crafty things that I don't have time for, but I get this "great" idea and have to run to the store for supplies.

Lia said...

I wish I even knew what to buy in places like that. I just use a Rolodex.

naechstehaltestelle said...

I just wish I was crafty enough to make cute things. Glad you had a good day, though.

Jon said...

my crack houses come in many forms. Pretty much any place that sells electronics. the thing is, I don't even feel bad about my addiction. Also, I don't think there's a cure.