Thursday, January 10, 2008

who says it's too late to talk about presents?

I'll be honest, I'm on the fence about wrapping paper. On one hand, it's pretty for a minute, then breeds in big bunches on the floor. But when it's done right, wrapping paper can make something really gorgeous, and the anticipation of opening it can be as nice as the gift itself.

Can you have the pretty without all the throwing away*? Perhaps.

I got this for Christmas, from
H's sister:

A lovely shade of green, too.

A handmade (!) wreath

And it came with these:

Handcrafted ornaments


They were addressed to both H and I, so the gifts are nestling comfortably at the top of my closet until we get around to living in the same state. But because she wrapped the lid and the box separately, I didn't have to tear the paper--I can still enjoy looking at the pretty box when I'm struggling to choose an outfit, and I'll never forget what's inside so it won't accidentally get crushed. The box may not last forever, but it'll keep things nice and safe for a good while.

I was inspired. Why not wrap more gifts this way? It'd save paper and your handiwork could live on for a little bit longer. So this Sunday, I'll be bringing a lid-and-box-wrapped-separately gift to the holiday brunch with my girls from college. ANY OF YOU ANGELS READING, PLEASE AVERT YOUR EYES. I even included a cheesy tag; it's a secret white elephant gift exchange, so we're not supposed to reveal who brought what and I wouldn't want someone to start ripping and defeat the whole purpose. Thankfully, this is a group of people with whom I have been my most ridiculous, so I'm betting they wouldn't mock me to my face.

Whether somebody enjoys the box or not, I feel better about it. Now I just hope the gift is not the one that gets rejected and passed around like a hot potato. Maybe I'll just focus more on the mimosas instead.

* You can definitely have the pretty without all the throwing away when you make the wrapping part of the gift, like putting it in an awesome duffel bag, like the one I got from cc.


Bri said...

It's never too late to talk about presents. Ever. I love the wreath and the paper, gorgeous!!

Lia said...

That a great way to wrap a gift. I like gift bags and boxes, too. Still, there's something about ripping off the wrapping paper - it's like popping bubblewrap.

Alexandra said...

brilliant idea! and very pretty gifts

WORDofRYE said...

I am SO wrapping gifts this way from now on - I LOVE wrapping paper!

The Supreme High Ruler of the W. Household said...

Those handmade ornaments are beautiful!
What a great idea to wrap the box and lid separately! Your's looked beautiful, too!

Sphincter said...

Cool idea!

Syar said...

That's a great idea. I love boxes too, they eliminate all those odd angles that make wrapping so difficult.

That wreath is gorgeous too!

SupaCoo said...

You are far more talented than I when it comes to wrapping. (And, most likely, numerous other activities as well.)

Michelle said...

That green paper's gorgeous! I wish i'd used better wrapping paper! I got a couple of fancy boxes with presents in them this year - they were wrapped but the boxes were all beautiful and floral! Such a good idea =D

Toni Lea Andrews said...

I always INTEND to do fabulous wrapping things, then run out of time and stuff everything in gift bags.

Next year...

Lisa said...

Fantastic wreath and ornaments. I'd love to take pictures of those. And people who put extra thought into buying and wrapping your presents? They're all sorts of wonderful.

cadiz12 said...

i'm sure your photos would do them better justice, too, lisa!