Monday, April 11, 2005

out of the woods

i stayed up all night on friday and reached insurmountable heights of slap-happy on saturday. i crashed at midnight, but awoke refreshed and ready for mayhem on sunday. for some reason, i was just as loopy. maybe sleep isn't a factor after all.

i also fell out of a tree and would have dislocated my shoulder were it not for a kind dentist who broke my fall. so thanks, kind dentist! i'm not as agile as i once was.

i left with a rug burn, grass stains and successfully implanted the first two lines of 'Get Up, Stand Up' into the hearts and minds of my cohorts. bob marley is ashing his otherworldly joint in disgust.

watching: 'joe versus the volcano' (really, really not as good as when i was 11.)
reading: 'chocolat,' still. note to self: never watch a movie if you're planning on reading the book. no suspense makes getting to the last page a real drag.
making: that same damn pink scarf. but i got a burst of motivation when i saw this hot girl in a korean music video rocking a very similar one. makes me feel just a little like martha.


Ale said...

I want to know more about how you got that rug burn... and don't tell me lies, if i'll have to guestion alternative sources to find out the truth, i will...

cadiz12 said...

well darling, all i can say is that i was manuvering around on the carpet and there were beers involved. sadly it was a solo operation.

Jon said...

Only book I've been able to read and enjoy after seeing the movie is Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone... I had been fighting against the Potter for years, refusing to believe it was as good as they all said... Watched the movie, spent the next 11 days reading the first four books (and I would have done it faster if I didn't have this stupid "job" getting in the way) and I currently have July 17th tattooed on my hand because I am twice the size of a normal dork. On a somewhat related side note, I absolutely hate it when someone spoils a movie for me. All it takes is one small slip about the ending, and I’ll never forget it… Seven was ruined for me, and I waited a few years to try and forget what I was told, but I couldn’t do it. My sister had The Usual Suspects ruined for her, and I thought that was one of the most shameful things one human being has ever done to another.

cadiz12 said...

someone told me they went to see the sixth sense at the theater and someone ruined the ending in the first 15 minutes by yelling it out. bastards.