Tuesday, June 07, 2005

real sharp couple of coconuts

tonight i finally saw 'Rocky.'

but i think i might have enjoyed it better if i could have turned off the little voice in my head that kept saying, 'is this the part where he's gonna say, 'yo Adrian!'?' because i've always heard people say that about this movie.

that's what you get when you see something post-hype.

however i was impressed that stallone wrote the flim. and the scene where they got together was actually pretty believable.

my brother says i need to see the other three. and supposedly, they're trying to make a fifth one. but i think i'm not going to mess around with a good thing. besides, i still have to get through all the terminators, and the die hards, too.


omar said...

Actually, there are 5 Rocky films. You've got 4 more to see. And your brother is right, you do need to see the other ones. (Though Rocky 5 did kinda suck, so maybe your brother was right in a way.) You get to see Rocky battle the tough issues like Communism, death, and Mr. T.

Ale said...

so what have you been watching if you've never seen those????? better question: where have you been for the past 20 years?? wow- that's not even good that i can throw around numbers like that... anyway--- have you seen "some like it hot" ?? do you know who marilyn monroe was?? :)

girlspit said...

My favorite part is where some guy tells Rocky to take Adrian to the zoo: "Retards love the zoo," he tells Rocky.

I think the Dead Milkmen made a song called "Retards at the Zoo." It's totally classic.

Jon said...

Yeah, the Rocky movies really do run the gamut. My favorite parts are the musical montages… I don’t think there are enough musical montages in the movies today. Any time you can condense several months or years into one 3 minute song sequence, that’s good stuff.

Also, I cannot recommend the Die Hard series enough. John McClain is easily one of my favorite reluctant heroes of all time. Right up there with Indiana Jones.

Modern Viking said...

Oh, your brother was right. Just see the next three. #5 has got to be one of the worst movies ever.

Ha, Girlspit, I thought I was the only one in the world who heard of that song!

cadiz12 said...

of COURSE i have, ale. though i'm sorry, but no matter how i try to like her, marilyn just annoys the hell out of me. but i do give her mad props for being a real woman and lovely at that.

i spent the 80s and 90s watching chick flicks and foreign films. if you ever want to know the nuances of bets made over a summer's worth of lawn mowing earnings or running around trees with 40 costume changes in the rain (talk about musical montage), then i'm your girl. how many people can say they've seen both 'raise the red lantern' and 'houseboat'?

don't worry; i'm positive i'll get to all of those movies i have missed this summer. however any recommendations (and especially ones to avoid) are welcome.

the last five movies on netflix have been:

meet the fockers
old school
the sandlot

the next five on netflix:

dirty work
die hard
american history x
rocky II
dave matthews band:the gorge

it's clear that i should not have been so careless with my netflix password around recovering surgical patients who have nothing to do all day.

Modern Viking said...

I've seen both. :) But I only stumbled across Houseboat by accident, and it's hard to change the channel on Sophia Loren.

Jon said...

I’ve never been good are recommending or not recommending movies, you never know what someone is going to like. I actually enjoyed Tank Girl, where as my friends turned it off half way through… Once I start a movie though, I have to finish it, no matter how bad it is. It’s a pride thing. That’s the only way I can explain my completion of Cruel Intentions 2 and Gosford Park.

cadiz12 said...

yeah, sophia is very entrancing. houseboat's one of my all-time guilty pleasures. did you know that cary grant's wife actually wrote the film for them both to be in, but he was in the middle of an affair with s.l. during another shooting and he replaced his wife with her in houseboat. but by the time they were shooting, sophie had married her husband and she and cary hated each others' guts. so all that *sexual tension* was really disgust.

the worst movie i've ever seen was 'simply irresistible' with sarah michelle gellar.

Modern Viking said...

Hmm... No, I did not know that.

And while we're talking about worst movies ever, I'd like to nominate 'Charlie's Angels 2'

cadiz12 said...

oh, and 'my boss' daughter.'