Thursday, June 09, 2005

they come in threes

Girlspit nominated me to answer this series of questions, and there's nothing i love more than a questionnaire. here goes:

Three screen names you have had:

Three things you like about yourself:
the wholehearted ability to love
the artistic side
the fact that i don't settle

Three things you don't like about yourself:
the perfectionism
the overactive guilt
when provoked, the blazing temper

Three things that scare you:
horror movie music
i can be good at many things, but i may never be *great* at any one thing
there will be a day when i won't be able to ask my mother what she thinks

Three of your everyday essentials:
singing with the radio
toast and tea
a good laugh

Three things you are wearing right now:
a stripedy t-shirt
toenail polish in '20 candles on my cake'
anklets with tiny bells

Three of your favorite songs:
'Ice' by Sarah McLachlan
'Vivir Sin Aire' by Mana
'If You Really Love Me' by Stevie Wonder

Three new things you want to try in the next twelve months:
living by myself

Three things you want in a relationship:

Three things you can't do without:
feeling essential
interesting company

Three places you want to go on vacation:
south america

Three things you just can't do:
wake up without at least one snooze
sit still when there's a dope beat
have a good night's sleep when someone i love needs me

Three kids' names:
okay i'm going to cheat on this. i have spent years trying to come up with names that would suit my three criteria:
mock-freeness and relative ease in pronunciation
beauty in long or short form
(so far i have come up with only one, but i saw that episode of seinfeld, so i'm not telling.)

Three things you want to do before you die:
be someone's mom
not think of my job as work
win The Amazing Race

Three celebrity crushes:
Cary Grant
The Transporter
and, yes, Adam Sandler

Three people I nominate to complete this exercise:


Jon said...

By “The Transporter” do you mean Jason Statham?

I think the Amazing Race is the reality show to be on. I’ve tried to recruit some of my friends to apply with me, but no one is biting. I love the idea of traveling all over the world and doing all kinds of cool challenges. I think I’m too patient and easy going though, so I wouldn’t make for good drama on the show. I think if any of my guy friends were to be on the show with me, we’d have to sell ourselves as the gay couple to have any shot at making it on.

cadiz12 said...

yes, but i think there was something compelling about him as the transporter that he didn't have as 'handsome rob' or any of his other characters. probably the take-care-of-business-quietly-and-kick-ass-when-needed thing. and damn could he drive a car.

yeah, for the amazing race you need a good tag line. sorry to say, but gay couple has already been played out. and if i see another team slated as 'models' i swear i'm going to puke.

hyper people tend to lose it a little after day 8 of sleep deprivation. and you're halfway there because i don't think we'll ever see a two-woman team win. which is pretty sad.

omar said...

Cary Grant! An Affair to Remember is one of my favorite movies. Did you know his real name was "Archibald Leach"? Cary Grant sounds way cooler.

For the kids' names thing, I originally thought "flavor" was one of your name choices (then I read the second criterion). Choosing names is tough. The boy's initials are PDP, and we worried about the PP first and last initial. He might get made fun of a little bit. But we spoke with a bunch of people we found who also had PP initials (including one of his grandmothers), they said it wasn't bad. Also, with the last name Phillips, it's not a P sound, so smaller kids won't figure it out.

(tangent) The initials PDP have lent themselves to a couple of nicknames, like P-Diddy Phillips, or PD Pablo. For a while, we were worrying that he would think his name was pablo. I don't even particularly like Petey Pablo, but it just fit so well. (end tangent)

"Three things you just can't do:
sit still when there's a dope beat"

That's why you're AWESOME.

Jon said...

For as played out as the gay couple is, they still usually have one, don’t they? They have to have a gay team, every reality show has to have a gay guy, it’s TV law.

I can’t stand the models team. They need to be outlawed. I assume the point is to have attractive people on the show (another reason I’ll never make it) but seriously, where do they find these people? I’m inclined to agree with you on the female duo never winning it. I think it could be done, but it wouldn’t be easy. They’d have to convince the producers that they are really bitchy, but then get along really well once the show starts.

And to the names thing, I don’t think you can do anything about them not getting made fun of. There’s always going to be some other kid that’s just mean, and if nothing about their name is funny, they’ll make something up. I was nick named mole hole for a long time, and that was based on a horrible mispronunciation of my last name. So even when it might not seem like there could be a problem, never underestimate other kid’s ability to create some monstrosity out of nothing, or a mispronunciation.

Ale said...

AAAAhh yes the Amaizing Race! one of my friends and i want to apply for the next one! and yes, since its a "relationship" show you gotta sell yourself as something...
i think we have a good thing here: Jon and Cadiz... two blogger friends but strangers that never met in real life... i think it just might work! and if you guys get on...and my friend and i do as well-- we can like take this whole thing!

Jon said...

Cadiz (sigh), this is non post related, but what is up with these rare blogger maladies that only you and I seem to get afflicted with? I’ve got the blank screen of death right now. You were down for a couple of days with that, right? I hope it goes away soon and this comment makes no sense to anyone. What have I done wrong? That’s what I’d like to know.

omar said...

jon, I can still get to your site if I go to the individual post pages (which I generally do anyway), so it's just the index page that's blank.

But really, who needs that anyway?

Jon said...

Only fools and mercenaries Omar (in other words, me).

Jon said...

Hmmmm… that was dangerously easy for me to fix. I just logged in and republished my index. Problem solved. Of course, wouldn’t have know to do that without Omar’s help. Thanks Omar. And should this ever be a problem for anyone else in the future, I now know what to do.

cadiz12 said...

jon: glad to hear it. when it happened to me, republishing didn't work -- i did sent e-mails to blogger and it was fixed. but those few days sucked. and yes, these problems only seem to plague us. i don't know why that is.

Ale: we can have a secret alliance! of course, i'd have to kick your booty at the end (unless it's swimming), but it is a competition, after all.

omar: flavor may as well be my middle name. i love the idea of pdpablo; though i'm sure little omar is much more talented and way better looking. who knows, maybe by the time he gets to playground age, none of his comrades will have heard of petey.

i happened to catch an 'american masters' about archie/cary. did you know he references archie leach in His Girl Friday? (which i haven't seen, but am dying to b/c of the layering dialogue and the snappy suits)

my parents named me just about the most boring name known to man as a way to combat the teasing. too bad they forgot that you can probably make a hundred variations on the last name.

on top of that, until the middle of first grade i was known as 'shrimpy.' but i solved that by getting up on a desk when the teacher was out of the room and yelling, 'i might be small, but i'm smarter than ALL of you!'
no one messed with me after that.

but i have to take this opportunity to put out there for the record that in a fit of dementia, i left grant hill off my celeb crush list. now i feel like ross in that episode of 'friends' when he takes isabella rosellini off his list because she's *international* and then runs into her at the coffee shop.

grant, sweetheart, if you're reading this, my love for you is still going strong. and when you decide to leave that broad tamia, you know where to find me. (she's not all that; i've seen her in concert.) i respect your relationship, but i'm just saying...

Jon said...

Well, I only republished the Index, not the entire blog, I don’t know if that makes a difference, but I’m sure you tried everything. One thing I do know, they always seem to hit you harder than me. I probably got 60 some odd spam messages, whereas you managed to garner and impressive 200+. I wonder what freak problems await us in the future… exciting isn’t it?

As for the Amazing Race, were I privileged enough to be partnered up with you, I can promise you that there is no quit in me. I hate it when people complain and say, “It’s just too hard, I can’t do it!” Sissies, the whole lot of them. Here are my qualifications: I can drive stick, that seems to be necessary on the show. I have a well above average sense of direction. I walk fast… all the time. I’m very patient and don’t get easily flustered when things don’t go as planned (reason #1 I would never be allowed on the show). I’m not afraid to try anything (except with food, I can’t do seafood challenges, I’m allergic.) I’m a great problem solver too. Then again, I’m sure the idea of being partnered with some strange guy that you don’t really know at all would be kind of creepy, but it’s fun to pretend. Yup… I imagine we just won it. Ale and friend came in second… it was close though. All I’ll say is that it was incidental contact and it’s just plain bad luck that she fell down. We’ll split the million, that will put me almost completely out of debt, which will be nice. Then I might actually be able to keep some of my paycheck. Ahhh to dream…

Ale said...

WHAT! SECOND!!! neeeever! :)
and the million would have to go 4 ways, cus' friend and I, we'd be having your guys's back--
what's really weird is that they never show the contestants eating...

jazz said...

my brother and i are totally gonna kick your ass on amazing race! bring it! ;)

i just put mine up. i was an meme virgin until you. you've popped my meme cherry....

cadiz12 said...

the amazing race; blog edition.

jon, i was getting ready to tell you it's all good b/c i am not scared of any foods (except liver, of which i am deathly afraid); i freak out before doing something scary but after a deep breath i can just jump; i speak other languages; i'm good at puzzles, obsessed with other cultures and know how to rough it. however, i can get cranky and bossy and very competitive.

jazz: i would have felt more guilty if it was a lengthy questionnaire.

Ale: so if you guys win, you'd split it with us?

Andy said...

Thanks for the nomination, Cadiz. After all that strain of thinking, I don't think I could stand the sight of the numeral 3.

Wait, I just thought again. Ow!

Jon said...

Competitiveness is not a problem. I’m so unbelievably competitive it’s ridiculous. But I’m not a poor sport by any means. I compete in everything, even when competition is totally uncalled for. As for the crankiness and bossiness, well, if your bossy ideas are good, that’s ok because I don’t mind listening to a good idea and the crankiness, well, I have said it before, and many people have noted it, I have a tremendous amount of patience. In my job, I have to wait on hold for people a lot. Sometimes for over an hour, and I get transferred several dozen times, and I am never rude. Not even after 9 transfers and an hour and 40 minutes on hold. I’ve been told that I’m suppose to be stark raving mad at that point, but the fact of the matter is, when I get to that 9th person, it’s not their fault that no one else has been able to help me yet. They might not be having a great day either, so why take it out on them, they don’t deserve it. My patience with adults is pretty good, but with children it becomes almost infinite. After all, they’re just kids, they might not know any better. Of course, I’m still just some guy in CA that you don’t really know.

As for the splitting of funds, I’m almost positive that one of the main rules of the show is that you can’t make a deal to share the money. I don’t know how they enforce this, but I’m sure they have their ways. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy trying to find a way to circumvent such rules…

cadiz12 said...

you obviously haven't spent long periods of time either babysitting or working retail.

but i am in awe of your keeping it cool. i can be patient with strangers, but those closest to me have seen me crack a couple times.

Jon said...

On the contrary, have done both. And for the job, all irate customers were sent directly to me. My boss was a sissy that didn’t like to deal with problems. Trust me, there’s a reason I’m as patient as I am. The only person I have little patience with is myself.

cadiz12 said...

man, and i thought i had it bad at the emergency room of the hospital.

Maddy said...

Dude. Drop everything, and go out and eat sahimi right now. You have already waited too long.

Kelly said...

OK, I totally have the SAME toenail polish on my toes right now.

that is all.

willowtree said...

Ok, Im late, but another coincedence. I answered this three thing last night. I dont know anyone to get tagged, so I just did it on my own, and one of my answers was that I was wearing the same nail polish too.
I like this list better than the one I saw on someone else's blog.
Memes are like little rumours in that things get taken out of and put into them.