Friday, January 13, 2006

in for the long haul

'whatcha doin'?'

'watching the 'Lost' i taped. that Mr. Eko is a badass. why are you up so late, mister?'

'i'm just getting off work.'

'dude, it's 1 a.m. even i've been home for almost an hour. what time did you start today?'

'9 a.m. what? it's no big surprise; i worked from 8:30 to 2 a.m. yesterday and till 1 the night before that.'

'what the hell are they trying to do to you?'

'we have a big project going on right now. it's only for a couple weeks, but seriously, i'm at the end of my rope.'


'can you please tell me, why does my schedule suck so much?

'uh, have you forgotten who you're speaking to? i believe in the last six days i've worked 4-midnight, 2-10p, 3-11p and 5:30-2a. come to think of it, my life evaporated as soon as i started this job.'

'okay, you do have it pretty bad. anyway, if i could just stick it out another 2 years, i can get promoted and make 30% more in salary. but godddd, it's gonna be rough.'

'that sounds pretty damn nice to me. you can do it. just don't give yourself an ulcer, heart attack or get hooked on uppers to get the job done.'

'we'll have to see about that. wait a second. okay, i'm putting up with this crap schedule for the sweet monetary payoff. what the hell are you in it for?'

'good question.'


jazz said...

your sheer love of the business.

yeah news!!!

Jon said...

Ok, lets forget all this work crap because it’s really amazingly unimportant. What matters here is the past of one Mr. Echo. I mean, is this guy a priest or what? How long ago was the plane crash? Why the hell did that other guy kick him out of the plane? How come his facial hair grows in so funny? (I’d never say that to his face because lets be honest, he could kick my ass by just looking at me. You saw what he did with the smoke… by the way, what the hell was that all about??)

My apologies to anyone that doesn’t watch the show or hasn’t seen the most recent episode yet…

Jon said...
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Jon said...

I accidentally duplicated my comment, don't worry, no secrets were in that deleted comment... I promise.

cadiz12 said...

you know, his facial hair does have a patchiness to it. whatever, he's powerful.

Ale said...

jazz you MUST be in love because only a person in an "altered" state can say something like that!

work is evil

Ale said...

hey Mr. Eko is HOT

Guyana-Gyal said...

My cousin said, "I hate my job, I spit on it, ptoeeey."