Friday, January 27, 2006

it's from the biblioteca

'what's up j [woman from my spanish class]? hey, how's your new spanish class working out?'

'actually we were lucky because there's only about 3 of us and usually that's not enough to constitute a class, but they gave it to us because we've been there for several years and they consider us 'dedicated students.' '

'that's nice of them. hey, what have you got there?'

'oh, i checked out a few movies en espanol from the school's library.'

'al Sur de Granada? Granada! that's where i studied! i love granada. you'll have to tell me if it is any good.'

'hey you know what, i got three this time around, and there's no way i can watch three at once, why don't you borrow this one for the weekend? just give it back to me on monday.'

'seriously? what's it about? oh, look, it takes place in the alpujarras! it's beautiful there; we went hiking. wait a second... 'una atractiva y sensual muchacha que le fascina inmediatamente y con la que descubre la plenitud del amor fisico que su educacion victoriana nunca le permitio a imaginar.' ['an attractive and sensual girl who fascinates him immediately and with whom he discovers a plentitude of physical love that his victorian education never permitted him to imagine']... uh, what kind of movie is this?'

'hey cadiz, sounds like j's trying to give you some p*rn there. what's your problem, j? i usually have no problem watching three p*rnos all at once.'

'you're too much.'


Popeye said...

How do you moan in Spanish?

omar said...

This would make your photo assignment pretty easy, I'd say.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Is that the title or the entire plot?

Ale said...

wait, who sait the second to last sentence??? was there a third person in the conversation?

dont worry its a european movie, there will be nudity necessary or unnecessary--

lucasjackson7 said...

the europeans. they seem so simple.

hey cadiz, i just bought this lydia mendoza album the other day. her voice is so amazing. all i do is listen to the album and dream of the beaches in spain.

cadiz12 said...

interesting question, popeye. the dvd player said the movie was out of region, so i didn't see it. sorry, omar. it was part of the plot description, gg. al sur de granada is the title.

third person. a boy. shocker.

people al sur de granada sure do life a great life. and they enjoy it. lydia mendoza, eh? i'll have to check her out. and the beaches... amazing.

Modern Viking said...

I wish my school's library had been that cool...

X said...

the dvd player said the movie was out of region, so i didn't see it.

That's an awesome excuse, and I'll be sure to use that one some time in the future.


Superstitious, Stevie Wonder.

Also, verification word for the comments is "taxass".


jedith said...

Muy Muy bien! Me gusta su blog siempre! (is that correct?)

Demosthenes said...

"Si! Si! Si!"

Or so I'd imagine. I wonder if it works that way in other countries... I don't see why not. But you never know, loud positive affirmations could be an American thing.

Lia said...

What a way to learn a language!