Friday, April 07, 2006

it's the humidity, honest

the other day my mom was on her way to the store and asked if i needed anything. she is the only person who fully grasps how incredibly taxing it is for me to crawl out of bed even a millisecond before ten minutes after the time i need to in order to get to work at a reasonable hour. she also knows this is why lunch consists of whatever i can eat on my way out the door and why i haven't blow-dried my hair in a decade. i just twist my hair into a bun and go because a) it's long and i don't have time to hassle with it, b) i don't want to be dripping all over the place and most importantly, c) it's pretty wavy/curly so if i let it air-dry without it being tied up first it does so from the top-layer down, resulting in a halo-like effect-- the degree of which depends on the humidity. however, this rarely happens because my system usually works like a charm-- i only frightened small children on one or two occasions.

my mother was not surprised when i told her i was almost through my third travel-size shampoo and asked her to please get me a bottle of the bright green one, the shampoo-plus-conditioner-in-one if she could find it. i was extra appreciative because that day it was pouring rain and really could have used the extra time for the commute.

she came in with enough garnier fructis sleek & shine fortifying cream conditioner for frizzy, dry or unmanageable hair to bathe a small family of elephants. she did not bring any shampoo, may i add, but managed to procure a flask of the accompanying anti-frizz serum, you know, for good measure. mom claims she mistook the jumbo-dumbo bottle for a 2-in-1 and that the anti-frizz came with it as a promotion. likely story.

nevertheless, with a subtle hint like that i have no choice but to spend a little extra time in front of the mirror. or at the very least make sure my mother gets to see me on a day when it's not raining.


Modern Viking said...

Future Mrs Viking uses Fructis too. Good stuff :)

Ale said...

oh its a mess in those stores i'm sure it was in wrong place!!!

just explain to ur mom that no one sees you- that what i tell them- they're like what abt ppl on the train/ferry - but they DONT count

Katie said...

Only two children? Wow, you've managed well. One of my friends has hair so curly it eats all manner of things, including small children. I'd say, make sure your mother doesn't see you on a day it's raining. Adjusting the schedule for extra prep time is just painful.

Radioactive Jam said...

So, let me make sure I understand this. You're going to cramp your already tricky schedule, just to use (technically) unwanted hair care products? Wow.

Most parents develop a knack for triggering some kind of guilt reflex in their children. Sounds like your mom has truly advanced the state of the art. She is good!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Haha, do you really think she did it accidentally on purpose? I think my mother would do it, saying, look, I got this for you, you might like it. She's been bugging me to go to the hairdresser.