Friday, April 28, 2006


'yeah, so these people from work who have season tickets might sell their tickets and then take the seats next to us at tomorrow's game.'

'so, who are these people with season tickets....?'

'the guy who got me those tickets last year. but i've forgiven him.'

'oh... so why don't you ask them if they want to sell some games this year?'

'i thought you said last week that they're not worth watching because of that whole derek lee thing.'

'yeah, but i was in an upset state then.'

'ah, okay. well then i'll see.'

'you know, it's gotten to the point where the General Manager needs to take a billy goat out on michigan avenue.'

'because of the curse?'

'yeah, i was talking to someone related to the organization and i asked him if he believed in curses. the guy was like, 'if you asked me before 2003, i would have said no, but now...' because you know that guy with the goat said 'you'll never win a pennant or a championship ever again.' just because they kicked out his smelly goat.'

'what happened in 2003 again? didn't they win?'

'cadiz. do you even LIVE in chicago?!'

'yeah, why?'

'in 2003, they were 5 outs away from winning the pennant and then that f-er Steve Bartman reached out and ruined it. it's a curse, i tell you.'

'i thought you don't believe in that stuff.'

'yeah, but this is about SPORTS, cadiz.'


Katie said...

I don't understand basketball (basketball, right?) so a lot of this went right over my head.

But I caught the part about a smelly goat! And something about a curse, so I'm going to assume that some wackanut tried to watch basketball with his goat.


Jon said...

I too was greatly disappointed about the Derrek Lee situation as he was my first overall pick in my fantasy draft. He was supposed to be my anchor, my steady work horse, my stud. Now he’s my best guy on the DL. I blame Scott Eyre for this. He’s not athletic. I watched him play poorly for the Giants for too long. If he hadn’t tried to do something he’s not capable of, then Lee would be fine right now. But no, he had to go and make a bad flip with his glove while falling down forcing Lee to cross in front of Furcal’s path as he ran down the line. Although I never thought a 5’10” 170lbs man would do so much damage to a 6’5” 245lbs man. I was wrong.

I do not think this is a curse though. Two reasons. One, the Dodgers lost more games to injury than anyone last year, and I know they’re not cursed. And two, there are so many people in this world (myself included) that absolutely despise, loath and flat out hate the Yankees. I find it unfathomable that no one has ever tried to curse them. In fact, I’m sure not a day goes by that someone doesn’t curse them. But does it matter? No. They just keep on winning like the soulless wretches that they are… The Cardinals have won a world championship 9 times. They are second to the Yankees who have won it 26 *&%$ times!!!

But at least the Cubs have one it. Twice even. Padres? Never won it. Astros? Never won it. Mariners? Never won it. Rangers? Never won it. Rockies? Never won it. Brewers? Never won it. (although the Braves did win one while they were still in Milwaukee, so that’s sort of a gray area) Expos? Never won it. (technically, they don’t exist anymore since they moved to Washington and renamed the team the Nationals. But Washington won a world series when they were the Senators before moving to Minnesota and becoming the Twins, so that’s another gray area) Devil Rays? Never won it. I suppose you could argue that those are a bunch of expansion teams though, so they don’t count. However, the Mets (2), Marlins (2), Blue Jays (2), Royals (1), Diamond Backs (1), and Angels (1) all won a championship or two, and they are all expansion teams…

Ok, obviously I care about this way too much…

Radioactive Jam said...

Some curses are like gravity; their effect doesn't depend on belief.

Ale said...

keep coming back for more doncha

Strumpet said...

I'm from Chicago.

And I haven't a fucking clue what all this is about.

I mean, I've got an idea and all...

The goat thing is kinda hot.

cadiz12 said...

i'm not up on this stuff, either, but i'm surrounded by psycho sportsfans (not very unlike, jon here), so of course i'm made to feel a fool for it.

it's about the Chicago Cubs (baseball). but i do have to say i knew a little about it because i'm all about the superstitions, you know.

hey strumpet, welcome.