Friday, October 21, 2005

ticketbast*rd -- redemption

i feel guilty using this title again, considering, but it's the only way you guys will know what i'm referencing.

lately the ticket guy has been very kind, even making a point to come up to me at an extracurricular function to explain again how it was a mistake on the ballclub's part and how he couldn't understand it. he even brought over another coworker (who had no problems using tickets he bought from the guy) to testify for him. i guess all that time i had been giving him my skeptical look, which i'm pretty sure translates as 'bitchy' to the layperson. i was like it's okay. it's cool. whatever. he's been nice to me, and i think he genuinely felt really bad about the situation, especially since the organization hadn't gotten back to him with any answers.

until today. he comes over to my desk and says they finally responded to his calls and e-mails, blaming a new teller for the error. they have offered him two bleacher seats to any homegame except opening day next season and he in turn has offered them to me. for free. very nice of him; i was pretty happy with the offer of first pick and paying, so this is pretty sweet. in fact, my brother is thinking about contacting him about getting tickets for other games, too. so maybe i'll be having my peanuts and crackerjack (code for hotdogs and beer) afterall.

but i'm not getting excited till i actually get into the Friendly Confines.

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Guyana-Gyal said...

How about the name 'ticketguy?'

Anyways, don't count your tickets before they are hatched :-D

highcontrast said...

GG- haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. LOVE IT.
Ca - i never pinned you for a beer swiller...

Ale said...

crackerjack-- that makes me think of "popycock" - i swear its a brand for caramel popcorn!!!

-request: i want ROMANCE!!! give me ROMANCE!!! gosssip!!!! yea yeah!

cadiz12 said...

there are certain things that only taste good at teh ballpark. beer and hotdogs are the main ones.

ale, just look around -- it's everywhere...

cadiz12 said...

AH, you meant you're reqesting a post about romance? gotcha. i said i'd be fulfilling requests... will do.

Modern Viking said...

Any game but opening day... That makes opening day so much more desirable.

Demosthenes said...

He just wants to sit by you. Take it from a male who can relate... there is always another side to the story.