Saturday, October 29, 2005


things i wasn't aware of about modern-age concertgoing:

1) you need to be dressed like a stripper to fit in
2) it's not uncommon to be sitting among 8-year-olds, or 38-year-olds
3) it's a place dirty guys try and pick up teenagers dressed like hookers
4) sending text messages to a big screen can be half-hours of entertainment
5) you know you're old when you're jamming to Freestyle during intermission and kids around you have no idea what the hell kind of music it is
6) a whole bunch of cellphones aimed for pictures looks a lot like lighters back in the day
7) black-eyed peas have a lot of pep in their step
8) harajuku girls are snappy dressers, but don't get to have their own identities
9) ms. stefani likes to sing about the backseat
10) a hollaback girl isn't, in fact, something you want to be

we were so inspired by the between-act music, the girls and i went on a mission to find this dive bar in schiller park that someone said had a good oldschool dj. all i can say is that i'm blessed to know people with such a good sense of direction.

so when we finally got to Rog's, we were surprised it was so unassuming. however, it was relatively full and people were on a first-name basis with the servers. Our girl was very sweet, though she was surprised that we only had one round. the music definitely didn't disappoint. we made our way to the dancefloor, and it was good, including:

Fantasy Girl
Spring Love
The Percolator

however, the BEST was when my old roommate suggested i ask him to play good old Rita. the dj looked at me like, 'hello? of course.'


i had forgotten how dirty the lyrics were. but that rita, she's got moves.


Popeye said...

Delishness. . . Sounds as though you had a wonderful time.

Modern Viking said...

Oh no, Harajuku girls are in America now too?

lucasjackson7 said...

isn't it something to see 9 year olds singing "my humps" by the black eyed peas?

i really cringe when my younger cousin sings it, but i don't say anything for fear it might make me sound like a dad.

congrats on the sox! those guys are good.

Ale said...

my 8 yr old cousin from canada knows all the rap lyrics AND the reggaeton songs in spanish, AND she doesn't even speak spanish!! Oh and she wears little pink shoes with bows and a tiara... imagine!?

Guyana-Gyal said...

Pardon me for ignorance, etc...what is harajuku girls.

I've never been to a concert like you guys :-(

I've only been to reggae shows in Jamaica. There were teens to 50 & 60 year old folks; and looots of tourists.

omar said...

I don't go to many concerts myself, but I did see Kanye West last year. I'm pretty sure I was one of the oldest people at the show, at age 27. Also, I wasn't showing nearly enough cleavage.

Gloria Glo said...

Dirtier the lyrics, the better the groove.

Ale said...

GG i've never been to a raggae show in jamaica! :)

cadiz12 said...

Harajuku is a fashionable city in japan that inspired the backup dancers for Gwen Stefani. She's renamed them 'love, angel, baby, music' and they go with her wherever she goes.

i saw a kid in the audience who had a shirt that on the front said, 'ain't no holla back girl' and on the back said, 'my humps' with an arrow pointing down.

believe me, i felt like an old lady tsk-tsking at all the little hoochie mamas.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Thanks Cadiz. The things I'm missing :-0

Ale, if you ever go to Jamaica, go to a Sunsplash show. It lasts one week, and you can pick the night you want to go. It goes on ALL NIGHT, and you can't sleep.

jonny-no-stars said...


What's that like?


Pwas said...

I think the refreshing thing about those 8 year old at the concert was that they were genuinely shocked every time Gwennie dropped the f- bomb. Nice to see they aren't completely corrupted yet.