Tuesday, October 25, 2005

the incredible sinking seat

guess who's back?

well, it's not psychoblueeye, but me. back in the dungeon, baby. i'm pretty okay with it right now, but i think my attitude might change after a few days.

however today i was so annoyed because i had to choose a chair that was







all night.

and not even smoothly, either; it was all herky-herky about it. irritating!

by the end of the shift i was so sick of lifting myself up every two minutes, i just sort of crossed my legs under myself and sat indian-style practically to the floor, with my arms up near my head and my chin at desk level. i was hoping some bigwig would walk by, think i was pathetic and order some NEW DAMN CHAIRS!

no such luck.


DCveR said...

LOL I've had the same problem in the lab some time ago with ALL the new chairs. Things got even worst because workbenches are taller than regular desks. Although a few others and me weren't much affected because we usually work standing most people would sit and sink 'til their chin was leveled with the top of the bench. Hilarious!

omar said...

Our desks at work have adjustable panels (for the monitor and such). We have one that will occasionally sink, rather rapidly at times. It's funny because it isn't my desk.

Anyway, selfish Omar is glad to see you back in the dungeon writing, but compassionate Omar wants you to be able to work the hours that make you happier. Quite an internal debate I've got going on.

Angel07 said...

I have a sinking seat too! We got new chairs this year, and already it's saggin'!!

Keep your spirits up! Friday is Gwenie, Gwen, Gwen! We were thinking of meeting up at my place since I am closest to the venue! can't wait!! :)

Guyana-Gyal said...

Big wigs, being big wigs, will probably step over you though. Try Plan C. Sit on the desk.

Lou (a.k.a. rainpuddles) said...

Will you always get stuck with that chair? If so... perhaps bring a chair from home? cause sinking sucks!

Ale said...

hmm what would a big wig be doing there in the middle of the night??? xpt for one thing...

secondly, just write an email about needing a new chair- trail it to your immediate supervisor who should reply all: "approved" than forward it to the HR department asking them to inturn forward it to the office supply ordering department and i guarantee you'll get you're chair. they'll be surprised at all the good supporting email-trail. (i used to get all my stuff like that when i worked for a large company) - now thank goodness i collaborate with myself and email my "wishlist" to the lady with the CC. (not cream chese, credit card)

cadiz12 said...

good point about bigwigs. there really weren't any around... i should have though of that. but i think i just gave up.

we don't really have assigned desks, so you just show up and sit down wherever. being the late person (dungeon), i have to take what's left. and someone had already taken the chair at that desk so i had to hunt around for an unoccupied one... guess which one i got?

anyway,i think i'll try and be smarter about it tonight and do a little test sitting. but if not i'll go for plan c, b/c i'm sure the requests are piling up already.

and O, i'm struggling with the same debate.

wish me luck!

highcontrast said...

vomit on your favorite chair, let everyone know you vomited there, clean it up, but leave a visible, yet acceptable stain. the chair will stay and no one will ever use it, except for you that is. genius, i know.

Demosthenes said...

Try sitting backwards with your back and head on the seat of the chair and your legs perpendicular to your body, propped straight up on the headrest, thusly:


so there's your chair, right?

now this is you:


the long part is your legs, the short part is your torso and the "o" is your head

so put those together and you've got the perfect posture... but I can't guarantee no weird bigwig looks. But it's always worked for me.

Demosthenes said...

And for the record, the leg of that chair is supposed to be centered, but the post moved it over.

Modern Viking said...

Oh, how that would annoy me...

Sorry I don't have any clever solutions like the others. I would probably just switch it with somebody else's when they went to the vending machine...

lucasjackson7 said...

seriously, comfortable chairs are everything. we could conquer the world if we could just figure out how to make decent, affordable, comfortable chairs.

we don't need no stinking oil. give us chairs. comfortable ones.

cadiz12 said...

highcon, i think that's diabolically genius, except for the fact that people in my office won't give a rat's ass, and would probably take that over the sinking chair anyday. (today i came in and someone from days had scrawled 'SINKING CHAIR' on the back of it in permanent marker. i steered myself very clear of it this time.)

demosth, i thought about your idea, but i figured the adjustable arms on the chair might pose a little bit of a challenge to my typing. but it was a very thoughtful solution.

and yes, this world needs a little better seating arrangement.

i didn't have a sinky chair today, but i did have to sit out in the boonies, at a desk with a keyboard circa 1989. so loud, i didn't dare check e-mail for fear i'd be tempted to reply.

i'm telling you guys, dungeon duty=drama.