Saturday, October 22, 2005


'hi, i'd like two tickets to the show.'

'sorry, can't do it.' [adjusts 1-800-DENTIST headset]

'you're sold out!? no way.' [kicks self for waiting so long]

'nope, don't have any pairs left. [smirks and points with pen] but i can offer you these two, in front and back of each other...'

'no no no, that's no good. are you sure you don't have two together? not even in the way back?

[snorts] 'that is the way back'

'not at all?'

'NO. not possible.'

'hold on a second.' [steps outside office to leave several phone messages. comes back.]

'fine. how about three?'

'now three i can do. how about balcony?'

'but wait, you have no pairs left? can i just get two of the three?'

'I TOLD YOU, i can't do that.'

'hang on, so you're telling me that you can't leave an empty seat hanging to give me two of the three, but you're offering me those two random seats, which obviously were left hanging from before?'

'they're not RANDOM. they're in front and back of each other.'

'argh. fine! just gimme the three, then!'

'will that be visa or mastercard?'


Ale said...

i hate customer service people that ON PURPOSE want to piss you off!! ALL she had to say was: "sorry i can't give you 2 of the three seats because that would leave one out and once we pass 75% of capacity we are required to fill all the seats within a row."

or WHATEVER answer she can make up to make SOME sort of sense. why create a hostile situation unnecessarily!!!! i hate that-

piu piu said...

i hate officious people in boring jobs.much worse than officious ones in good jobs for soem reason....

Guyana-Gyal said...

I BET if you were a guy she'd be nicer. They're always nicer to men, those hags.

Ale said...

why do you think they'll never tell you what state they are- literally they are afraid of customers storming the place and hurting them real bad!

Andy said...

Just tell her that you can only provide 12 of the 16 numbers on your credit card, as your business allows the provision to leave numbers "hanging on" the end.

Okay, so that wouldn't get you seats... but making you buy an extra seat seems to encourage the idea of scalping, doesn't it?

Modern Viking said...

Pain in the butt.

And GG's right, if you were a guy, or if she was a guy, none of that would have happened.