Sunday, October 23, 2005

don't like the look of them

'you gotta see those players. one looks like a monkey, one looks like a guy who just killed somebody and landed in jail, one looks like a drug dealer...'

'for the Astros?'

'yeah. you don't believe me? just ask your father. they look weird, like they're a bunch of guys who just came out of prison like they haven't eaten any food for a long time.'

'so do you think the White Sox are going to win?'

'they just did.'

'no, i mean the whole thing.'



lucasjackson7 said...

sox are gonna take it. i can feel it. the stros don't have a chance.

of course, i say this and yet, i'm a saints fan. for all i know the stros could come back and beat the sox, but in my book, the sox are champs already.

but i still love the cubs(sigh).

highcontrast said...

last night on my flight at 11:30 Eastern the asshole pilot decides to play out his sports announcer fantasies and interupts my MUCH NEEDED slumber every 5 minutes with an update of that game.
i was not a happy camper.

Ale said...

man, i keep tryyyyying and trying to get into this whole sports crazziness but i just cant-

Guyana-Gyal said...

Give me cricket! And cricketers can be quite good looking.

Ale said...

is it true rugby guys have flappy ears?