Thursday, October 13, 2005

back to rita and her big 'ol butt

i just want it be known, for the record, that at least one person a day -- and usually more -- stumble onto this site searching for the lyrics to 'dangerous on the dance floor.' i obviously am not the only one.



Ale said...

i like the new poem on the profile

(i hope its new... cus i just noticed)

yeah- i dont know what the internet is thinking- i'll call sergei to look into it... but he's been so busy lately-- its so tough for us you know...

Syar said...

ale just made me noticed the new poem on the sidebar. I like it too. :-)

omar said...

I'm still kind of in denial about this whole "internet letting you down" thing. I refuse to attempt to search for the lyics, just because I'm not ready to stop believing that the internet is infallible.

Ale said...

sorry everyone- sergei and i will be jetting of to catalina island and so he won't be able to attend to your silly little problem- k?!



highcontrast said...

my theory:
rita was pissed that musto and bones were singing about the magnitude of her buns and decided to get a court order, preventing the proliferation of the lyrics on the web

Guyana-Gyal said...

I think it's a hint, you need to post those lyrics right here, on this site. Listen to the song, transcribe, write, work, work.

cadiz12 said...

it's getting out of hand. i should just post them. i'll have to find the tape where i had recorded it off the radio years ago and see what i can do...

Ale said...

DO it cadiz,
dont' wait for sergei- he's busy - with ME!

Modern Viking said...

That means at least one person is frustrated and pissed off every day because they can't find those lyrics.

I found like 12 different versions of the song in mp3 during my search, if you need one...

Anonymous said...

For those who might be searching....

I know a girl by the name of Rita
light skinned Puerto Rican
the way she moves i can't ignore
shes a porno flick on the dance floor
twistin churnin drip some sweat
a little bass thump rita's wet
once she's thru fellas flock to her
girls clock while the beat just rocks her side to side
the beat goes boom
the new jack is up sayin give me some room
once again rita's ready with a smile on her face
the crowd breaks north givin rita space
big butt movin' n strokin' pattern
the crowd made a cirle like the ring around saturn
as for the new jack he just consumed
his body mutilated like he just been chewed

she's dangerous on the dance floor
she's dangerous on the dance floor
she's dangerous on the dance floor
she's dangerous on the dance floor

puff puff goes down the house
the latin n satin make the big butt bounce
swing it left to right and back right to left
the video venus dont miss a step
she wears leather n lace a skirt made of satin
you like her ya love her dont love the loose latin
on and on she'll never stop
its party time n she wants to rock
one by one her buttons drop
little wiggle in the middle
no more top
the bassline comes rita jumps
she humps pumps n bumps off chumps
fellas flock to her 3 or 4
2 of em leave cant take no more
always ready rita's ready triple x
on the dance floor shes havin sex
takin em on two at a time
her lips her hips n her big behind
what's this rich kids says 'excuse me miss'
rita's not havin it
'but i insist either bust a move or move your bust'
your breasts your chest or your big ol butt

back to rita and the dance floor porn
shakin it shakin it all night long
keep it up
how long can u last?
the tempo's fast
shake that piece of ass
move it move it every position
flow go no intermission
the crowd is drawn
fellas droolin
girls can you do what rita's doin?
ho style loose n wild
her style mean wow youll smile at yer f'in dial

she's dangerous on the dance floor
she's dangerous on the dance floor
she's dangerous on the dance floor
she's dangerous on the dance floor

guys stop to watch the xrated dance
some are shamed by the stains in they pants
your heart stops mouth drops pulse is weak
pant like a dog from the body heat
she wore butt huggers
they were snug as a bug
my advice to the brothas
wear Jimmy & Cluggs
no one can chill cuz they all attracted
to her over the shoulder boulder holders
strapped in her back end
back to reality back to life
back to the beats of friday nights
hurt me hurt me worse dont know why
people cant party its no surprise
dont slip dont trip just hold yer grip
she's rita go see her she's fully-equipped
goin round n round
up and down
stompin her feet
against the ground
guys eyes glued to her thighs
brought to a size 9 inches high
the latin in satin some call her a stripper
shoulda zigged but ya zagged
and ya broke ya zipper
always ready ritas ready givin ya more
shes not at ya local video store

she's dangerous on the dance floor

bass's thump bouncin off the wall
rita wont drive cuz she's havin a ball
this urban queen rules the hip house scene
lean mean n full of steam
breakin all back standin on the block
in the middle of the dance floor youll get rocked
rita's rugged
leave her alone
she get you on the bone
send you home
porno flick her performin' art
on the mark rita's ready to start
move smooth in the groove
rita will prove she's in the mood
dirty dancer she does it best
6 feet under is where you'll rest
6 and 9 on the behind
just like fine wine she improves with time

from dawn to dusk she'll do it all night
i hope u can see her this friday night
but if you cant dont get uptight
someone's always on em with the mic at night
crank it crank it pump that bass
rita's wearin leather n lace
big butt swingin from left to right
drippin n strippin on a friday night
she rita go see her
light skinned mira
times runnin on your meter
so meet her treat her
move me move me rita moans
dont dance alone work it to the bone
if youre lucky she'll take ya home
to a penthouse apartment on Cribben Road
feel the s&m
on your fm
if you can't see her
where have you been?
it's a groove me move me movie
starring rita and her booty
and yours truly
who could ask for more
she's dangerous on the dance floor

she's dangerous on the dance floor
she's dangerous on the dance floor
she's dangerous on the dance floor
she's dangerous on the dance floor

cadiz12 said...

anonymous, THANK YOU!!!!!

wow, i never realized how dirty those lyrics were.

Anonymous said...

you have ended 10 years of searching THANK YOU!