Friday, August 26, 2005

ticket bast*rd -- reformed

so i'm thinking maybe people at work know about the blog. or maybe i'm just paranoid.

because the ticket guy comes up to me today and says he's pretty much given up on getting recompense from the ballclub, even though it was their mistake, but he feels bad about inconveniencing me. so he offers me two tickets to cubs/cards series in september at face value for my trouble. i tell him it's okay because my brother is already gone, which i think made him feel bad, but it's the truth. but maybe i will take him up on it. unfortunately i'm working both of those days, so i couldn't make a day of it, but i'm wondering if i should just go anyway before work (it'd be over before i have to start, but i wouldn't be able to completely relax or even hang out afterward.)

i had thought he was too nice to screw me over on purpose, and i know that he's too smart.

i'm feeling a little guilty about talking smack. but the offer has redeemed him.


omar said...

I think it was the threat of me kicking his butt. In any case, glad that he has redeemed himself.

lucasjackson7 said...

hmmm, cubs/cards in september. sounds promising. i would take the tix and go. i have a scott mutter painting of wrigley field hanging in my office and as i look at it, i think, "damn, i wish i was there at a game." does anyone ride The El into the games anymore?

Ale said...

no dont believe him-- he is just trying to screw u again! :)