Wednesday, August 31, 2005


so i got tagged by guyana gyal. the general consensus is bad on these things, but i'm willing to come out and admit that i secretly enjoy them. especially when the questions are specific. this one was tricky because i had to work a bit to make sure i'm not repeating a lot from my other meme answers or The hundred. and although i know everyone loves reading them, i'm aware that everyone hates doing them. i would have tagged a bunch of people, like andy or lou and most definitely jon to get back at him for being m.i.a., but i don't want to piss anyone off and i'm getting used to chilling in his hall of fame, so i don't want to do anything that would get me blacklisted, so i'll restrain myself.

before i die i plan to:

1) have a job that doesn't feel like work
2) look back on my life without regret
3) be proud of my children
4) be able to read literature in my mother tongue (not just kindergarten workbooks)
5) successfully do a headspin
6) cook as well as my mother
7) put some of the paintings i see in my head actually down on canvas

i can:

1) do cartwheels, a badass L kick and a halfass backspin
2) analyze an evening/conversation/glance/songlyrics/movie to excess
3) waste time like nobody's business -- the more i'm putting off, the better i am at procrastinating
4) dance till five in the morning in four-inch heels
5) make chapatis that actually puff up
6) throw down if necessary
7) drive like a very skilled maniac

i can't:

1) respect those who don't own up to their actions
2) openly admit that although i profess to hate bananas, sometimes i have a taste for them (my pride won't allow me to indulge)
3) take my own advice
4) stay up all night and not behave as though i'm intoxicated the next day
5) make a decision easily
6) tear myself away from a good book
7) enjoy life when someone i love is really hurting

say most:

1) dude
2) thank you
3) no, really, i'm awake
4) sorry, i have to work that day
5) ohmygod
6) how do i get to (asking directions)
7) jiggawhat?

attract me to someone:

1) eyes i think i can look into for the rest of my life
2) warmth of smile
3) sense of humor
4) sense of respect
5) endearing quirkiness
6) willingness to do dishes

celeb crushes:

*i can't say that i don't have celebrity crushes, but i've recently discovered that whoever i happen to like in real life i tend to equate with a celebrity who might not necessarily look like the person in most people's eyes, but somehow still reminds me of them.

so in the spirit of that, let me say that some of mine have been:

1) tom cruise (but not so much now that he's certifiably nuts)
2) grant hill
3) arjun rampal
4) the bass player from Lucky Boys Confusion
5) david gahan (depeche mode; no one can work a crowd like this guy)
6) kermit the frog (he was always so laid back and sweet)
7) paul mccartney (my cello teacher was a dead ringer for him and i swear it made me practice more)


Ale said...

oh no- not tom cruis!!!! nooooo---

Lia said...

what's your mother tongue?

Jon said...

So, am I tagged or what? I feel like this is one of those awkward narrow hallway situations where we keep trying to walk around each other but we keep shuffling the same way until one of us finally gets up the nerve to punch the other in the stomach so that when they double over in pain, a clear path will become available on the other side…

cadiz12 said...

consider yourself tagged, pal. but only as long as it won't affect my hall of fame status.

Gloria Glo said...

You were right. Awesome meme. Interesting to read and cool info obtained. You're awesome, 'Diz.

Guyana-Gyal said...

C'mon now...admit it. We all LOVE reading other people's tags!

Wasn't this one great? Thanx Cadiz, yours and Ale sure cheered me after a hard week!

Hehe, I kinda like Kermit too. As for Arjun Rampal!!!

kaiyareturns said...

attract me to someone:
1) eyes I think i can look into for the rest of my life.

THAT is up on my list too cadiz!!!!! along with the sound of their voice, and laugh... it's just funny when you notice these things early on... and think to yourself... "can i listen to/see this for the rest of my life?"