Thursday, August 11, 2005

talk show boasts

all i can say is that Dr. Phil is a made-for-tv movie just waiting to happen.


Ale said...

kelly and regis is the only talk show i like

Angel07 said...

I've started Tivo'ing Oprah. And I might add Ellen to the list! Don't know that I've ever seen Kelly and Regis!

cadiz12 said...

dancing ellen is the best part of the morning. too bad i'm never awake for her, but i think she's moving to afternoons.

i thought i'd hate kelly, but she's got personality. few people can be a foil to reege, but she pulls it off. he irritates me, but she makes fun of him, so it works.

oprah has a good show, but it creeps me out how she runs her business like a regime. i guess you have to in order to be that beloved, but i'm waiting for the tell-all book by kitty kelley, which probably will never materialize b/c o is a very smart woman.

my new fave is larry elder. his show is good, his radio show is better, and moral court is sort of funny.

VespaRosso said...

i hate how whenever oprah interviews someone, she has to talk about herself and say that she's done the same thing. Ie.
Julia Roberts:...and I try to be nice to fans but when they climb through your window

Oprah: I know! One time...

Tom Cruise: And this time I was biking through (random village in Laos)

Oprah: [interrupting] Isn't that place beautiful! I've been there on 5 separate occassions
etc. It's so annoying!

Cadiz~side note, where are you? You're not in NY, too, are you?

Ale said...

oh my goodness- cant stand oprah-

Modern Viking said...

Dr. Phil... I don't know why, but I think the guy's hilarious!

I'd probably take the advice off a bathroom wall before I took any of his though.

Andy said...

Dr Phil counselling a married couple:

Phil to wife: for attention, you're just a slavering dog, wanting more and more until it gets fat upon the fat your husbands feeding you. Get out of that kennel and start rounding up your own sheep! *Crowd applauds*

Phil to husband: You're just a selfish know-it-all who thinks the world revolves around him. I got news for you buddy, the sun stays still, the earth turns around the sun, and she don't need to pander to you. Think about your wife for a change, and see that the rest of your planet actually exists without you *crowd cheers as though the news is an amazing revelation, and that phil isn't stating the freaking obvious*

jazz said...

i'm not a fan of dr. phil. BUT Ellen rocks. she is moving to 3pm in chicago. happy times for you!!!

jazz said...
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MEP said...

Ellen is pretty funny, thought I don't get to watch very often. I like Oprah in spite of the fact that I don't always enjoy her show. Dr. Phil is a nutbag.

Jon said...

anonymous comment... two things: One. oh no, not again... this is ridiculous. And two. "Very Nice Blog site you've provided" WTF? "oh, well, why thank you... perhaps I'll check out this sweet deal on an auto loan you've provided. Thanks anonymous commentor, you're the best!"

That's just extra lame as far as I'm concerned.

Lou (a.k.a. rainpuddles) said...

I can't say that I've ever watched Dr. Phil. I've seen tid-bits here and there when at a friends house, but I've never really watched it. However, I would watch a made-for-tv movie of Dr. Phil.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Heh. I like Oprah because she talks a lot [she must be West Indian]; I like her because she interrupts [she must be West Indian].

She had a horrid past, and despite this [and other setbacks] she built a solid, successful business.

For us in the Caribbean, she represents what anyone can do if they set their mind to it.