Friday, August 19, 2005

ticketbast*rd: Update on the update

so the guy comes up to me today and says he checked with the team and they had only refunded those four tickets back in february. and that ALL THE REST of the tickets he had for THE ENTIRE season seemed to be just fine. sure, guy. whatever.

something about that smells a little fishy. especially his matter-of-fact way of telling me. that, and the stark neglect of another apology nor any effort whatsoever to make it up to me beyond giving my check back. he obviously thinks it's the ballclub's problem and doesn't see how i'm the actual victim here. call me biased, but he sold them to me.

this is a man i will not be holding the elevator for.


omar said...

So does this mean you, me, and ale can beat this guy down after all?

cadiz12 said...

well, i was troubled by his nonchalant way of blowing it off. like dude, sure they made a mistake, but you put your credibility on the line by doing that. and really, if you don't have credibility, what have you got?

i was all about waving you guys on to join me at the bike racks afterschool, but then i saw that Mad Haiku had to take down his blog because of his work regulations. that was crazy. so i got a little paranoid. i enjoy my job, but am not a huge fan of this guy. read into that what you will.

(psst. bike racks. 2:30.)

Jon said...

The guy is clearly full of it… what are the odds that those were the only set of tickets inexplicably cancelled? Hmm… huge rivalry in a big divisional match up at a potentially crucial point in the season? (granted, it’s not that crucial right now but how would you know that in February?) Yeah, I would totally cancel THOSE tickets… While I’m not much of a fighter, if no one objects, I’d like to video tape the beat down for submission to America’s Funniest Bike Rack Beat Downs. I think it will stand a good chance. I’ll split the winnings of course.

angel07 said...

plus....if they were cancelled in feb, don't you think he would have noticed the credit back on his charge card?? cuz I'm sure he got his money back on those tix somehow! But then again, maybe that's just giving him too much credit!!

kaiyareturns said...

Cadiz besides another apology what would you consider to be an appropriate gesture on his part?

cadiz12 said...

i'm not sure, kaiya. but for some reason, i thought he might at least try and redeem his salesmanship credibility with a gesture -- even one that he knew i wouldn't take him up on. like 'hey, i'm really sorry that you happened to get screwed by this *fluke accident.* next year, i'll even let you have two tickets at face value.'

i guess the fact that he didn't feel bad enough to go out of his way to prove to me that it was a rarity makes me believe maybe it wasn't so uncommon. but i'm pretty sure i've told enough people at the office that they'll be careful in dealing with him.

all i know is that if i did that i'd feel horrible and want to make it up to the person so they wouldn't think i'm some kind of lowlife. but i know, not everyone thinks like i do.

kaiyareturns said...

I totally agree an "upgrade" "discount" or "extra throw in" was definately in order, I guess i was just wondering what that could have been, because i wasn't sure if he sold tickets a lot? or if this was just a one time, hey i happen to have 4 tickets kind of thing?

cus then in that isloated incident, how would one "upgrade" or "discount" you know? to offer for your inconvenience!