Wednesday, August 17, 2005

ticketbast*rd: update

today i had my little showdown with the guy who sold me those bogus baseball tickets.

after much rehearsing and discussion, i decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and ask questions before kicking his ass.

as i walked up to him, he smiled and asked how the game was. granted, at this point, it took a lot of restraint to very curtly say 'not so good' and ask where he got the tickets. he said he'd bought them and then i explained what happened.

he was appalled. at first i thought it was an act, but then i was thinking, how stupid would he have to be to take a person for that kind of ride when he knew he'd have to deal with her on a daily basis for the rest of his tenure at this establishment? and he's very good at his job, so he's obviously no dummy.

he apologized several times, got the photocopy i had of the tickets, got my phone number and resolved to get this matter straightened out. he also gave me back my check, which he hadn't cashed.

by the end of the transaction, i was convinced he didn't do it on purpose. i got my money back and he's going to find out what happened.

but i didn't thank him for the disappointment. or the hassle.


omar said...

While this is a good ending to this situation, it's not as satisfying as I had hoped. I was expecting an ass whooping or something. Shouting, at least. Oh well. Glad you got your check back.

omar said...

And I was just listening to that song this weekend (under the "About Me" heading on the sidebar). It's like you're in my head!

cadiz12 said...

omar, i always strive to get an "e" for effort and "t" for nice try. and don't worry; i would have had no problem throwing down had the ticket incident required i do so.

Lou (a.k.a. rainpuddles) said...

Well, I'm glad that he didn't intentionally sell you bad tickets. It still sucks about the hassle though.

Ale said...

noooo this isnt' going to do-- must go find SOMEONE to beat!